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Cool treats to stop the sweat uptown

It’s hot outside. Living up to your boss’s clothing standards and wearing traditional, full business attire can leave you grabbing lunch uptown in a puddle of your own sweat, tears and despair.

But since wearing your birthday suit to work isn’t the style du jour, I’d recommend brightening up your day with a cool, sweet treat.

Check these out:

(1) King of Pops CLT

King of Pops is tops in the Queen City.

Find it: Two Wells Fargo Center at S. Tryon St. every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.


The foodie masterminds behind King of Pops CLT have dabbled in over 300 flavors in the past three years.

The top sellers, according to Brandon DeCurtins, chief operating officer, include chocolate sea salt, banana pudding, strawberries and cream and blackberry ginger lemonade.

DeCurtins’  favorite flavor? Hibiscus margarita.

what what

(2) Fuzzy Peach

Fun fact: Fuzzy Peach at BB&T Ballpark isn’t just open during the Knights games. It’s open every day from 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m., serving up some of the most delicious frozen yogurt I’ve ever tasted.

Find it: BB&T Ballpark at 324 S. Mint St.

fuzzy peach

My take:

I heard the Georgia Peach flavor was the way to go. I had to have it. I waited 15 minutes for the sole employee to finish cleaning the machine so I could have it.


Worth the wait? Yes.

Georgia Peach + Island Banana = Mouthgasm. To the absolute highest proportions. Great for a midday treat or even a light lunch (Or is that just me?).

(3) The Coffee PriestIced Coffee, Frozen Smoothies

Find it: 550 S Caldwell St. Walk through the revolving doors and turn right.

With slogans like “Have Faith in Your Coffee Provider,” owner Kenny Ryan has realized that coffee has become a religion of its own.

coffee priest 6

He has a whole line of frozen coffee specialties.

My take:


Their frozen hot chocolates and mocha line are highly regarded. I had a frozen white mocha.

coffee priest drink 2

The employees were so nice (shout out to Frazier and Eric!) and it’s great to support local.

I’ll be back.


I’ll be honest. I first chose to spotlight this place because I saw it had a line of frozen smoothies — I’m a sucker for smoothies. When I saw it had mango smoothies? Sold.

frozen smoothie

Reality? Not so much. The mango smoothie tasted like liquid vomit. Trust me. Skip the smoothies.

(4) Roman’s Treats & Dogs Italian Ice

If you don’t happen to work in the uptown area, never fear.

Roman’s Icy Treats may be just the ticket for you. Roman Romagnoli keeps it authentically Italian, and serves up Italian ices every Thursday at the LakePointe Center.

Find it: 2201 Water Ridge Parkway, Charlotte. 2:30-4 p.m.

Just looking at photos of them are enough to cool yourself down. #foodporn

italian ice

If you’re some kind of insane person that hates Italian ices, Roman’s also offers frozen bananas (they will dip it in melted chocolate and roll it in either nuts or sprinkles upon request).

Signature dessert: Frozen cheesecake on a stick (hand dipped in molten chocolate, drizzled with caramel, strawberry, raspberry or white chocolate sauce). Dear lord, have mercy.

Photos courtesy of Fuzzy Peach, King of Pops CLT, Roman Romagnoli and Madysan Foltz.

Madysan Foltz
 Madysan Foltz MadysanFoltz