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The coffee war in Dilworth is over

The Story

The coffeehouse that once was called Dilworth Coffee and then became Dilworth Espresso and then got sued is now called … Kenilworth Espresso.

The Facts

– This fall, the owner of Dilworth Coffee got upset when the new owner of his old coffeehouse on East Boulevard changed the name to Dilworth Espresso.

– The problem? The use of the word “Dilworth.” So he sued.

– Despite saying that nobody owns the name Dilworth and that he should be able to use it, the owner of the new shop decided to just change the name to Kenilworth Espresso.

– Lawsuit is now dropped.

The Quotes

– “I have a lot of good customers and I think he’ll continue to have good customers. It’s good coffee weather right now.” – Dilworth Coffee founder Don Keen.

C5’s Take

Glad it all got resolved. What really impresses us, though, is that Kenilworth Espresso already has a YouTube promo up:

Photo: Diedra Laird/Charlotte Observer