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Might have to call Uber

John D. Simmons - jsimmons@charl

The Story

If you were planning to take the LYNX Blue Line into uptown this weekend, reconsider. All uptown stops except for Transportation Center/Arena will be closed Saturday and Sunday.

The Facts

– LYNX needs to do some repairs, leaving only the one uptown station and the stations between I-485 and Carson open until Monday morning.

– The good news: City buses will fill in the gaps! The bad news: You have to have cash and exact change to get on said bus.


“At the same time access to uptown is severely restricted due to the idiotic streetcar construction. I swear this city can’t get out of its own way with the abject idiocy.” — commenter

c5’s Take

Seriously, the bus? Exact change? Not going to happen. Guess you’ll have to explore the wonderful offerings of South Boulevard if you want to use the train this weekend. (Although we have to admit we are loving the new Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, not too far from the Scaleybark stop.)

Photo: John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer