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5 reasons #SpeedwayChristmas blows #ChristmastownUSA out of the water

(1) Christmas movies on the world’s largest HDTV screen, drive in style.

You get to park your car on the infield on Charlotte Motor Speedway and snuggle up to classic Christmas flicks. Friday & Saturday nights only. See the remaining schedule here

(2) Legit & Unique Christmas lights

I’m talking, super legit, creative light displays. McAdenville is like a neighborhood that has every house that ever annoyed you at Christmastime in your neighborhood, repeated times 100. Speedway Christmas has animated displays – Santa kissing Mrs. Claus, dancing gingerbread cookies, racing cars, and a twinkling tunnel of lights to drive through.


(3) Musical light display

The speedway took the entire front stretch grandstand section and turned it into a light display that dances to music – Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off was my personal favorite

A video posted by Katie Civali (@ayokciv) on Dec 12, 2014 at 12:42pm PST

(4) You get to drive on a freaking racetrack

Don’t let your boyfriend drive up the 24 degree banking in the turns. He will want to, and he will try to, while looking at you, basically asking you to dare him, trust me.

(5) There’s stuff to do other than look at Christmas Lights

Speedway Christmas has lots of fun activities you get to enjoy after you drive around the track and take in all the fabulous lights. There’s a petting zoo, Santa Claus for photo opps, food vendors, and horsedrawn carriage rides down pit road – seriously.

Bonus: 5 Tips to remember if you decide to go to Speedway Christmas before their last night – 12/30

– Pick the Express Lane. You’ll save at least an hour and a half of driving through a winding line of cars. Think Disney world line that you weave through before getting on a ride, but with cars instead of people. We got there at 6pm, and didn’t get inside until 8pm. Express is only an extra $10 and you get right in. That line would have totally sucked if I was on an awkward first date.


– Go early. There’s lots to see and do and only a couple hours to get it all in

– Eat the fried oreos, and/or red velvet funnel cake #yum

– Don’t pet the animals. Gross.

– It’s worth the money, don’t cheap out and pick McAdenville. You will regret it, and your girlfriend will judge you.

Cover Photo: Charlotte Observer