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Not your typical breakfast stop: Fresh grab-n-go pastries at The King’s Kitchen

Forget Starbucks and its wannabe Parisian La Boulange pastry case.

Charlotte Chef Jim Noble’s uptown non-profit restaurant, The King’s Kitchen, is serving up a fresh bakery experience you need to try now at its new “European Grab-n-Go.”

The concept is simple: Walk in, order at the counter, and walk out with fresh pastries and coffee. But this isn’t your typical on-the-go breakfast stop—unless you happen to live in Paris. (If you do live in Paris, stop reading this and go order some croissants to ship to me. I like the ones filled with chocolate.)

The pastries at The King’s Kitchen are all created by hand next door in The King’s Bakery, which is led by Pastry Chef Mike Pappas, a Johnson and Wales grad who was featured in the book “Bread Revolution.” And Pappas’ attention to detail is evident in the taste.

Order the Croissant Monsieur, a twist on the traditional Croque Monsieur made with savory ham and cheese stuffed inside a buttery perfectly baked croissant. It’s just as delicious — and decadent — as it sounds.

The bakery is open Monday through Friday mornings and afternoons.

Photo: Sarah Crosland

Sarah Crosland Photo
Sarah Crosland