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#FollowFriday: Which Charlotte breweries have the most Twitter followers?

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CharlotteFive archives

I like beer. I like Twitter. I really like beer-related Twitter accounts.

So I compiled a list of the five most-followed Charlotte breweries so that you too can enjoy gorgeous pictures of beer in your Twitter timeline.

(1) NoDa Brewing Company

– 19K followers, 15K tweets.

– Its Hop Drop ‘N’ Roll IPA won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup and NoDa has arguably the most popular brewery run club. The @NoDaRunClub Twitter account has 1,239 followers.

(2) Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

– 12.1K followers, 9,205 tweets.

– The old soul of Charlotte breweries opened way back in 2009 and it seems like you can find Copper on tap in every bar in Charlotte, which is a wonderful thing.

(3) Birdsong Brewing

– 10.6K followers, 5,387 tweets.

– Birdsong was one of the first Charlotte breweries I visited and has long been one of my favorites. I also love the bird logo.

(4) Triple C Brewing Co.

– 9,140 followers, 5,882 tweets.

– This is the least photo-heavy account of the five, but that hasn’t hurt its following. For photos, check out its Facebook page.

(5) Heist Brewery

– 7,563 followers, 7,927 tweets.

– Unlike most of the other breweries, Heist also serves fancy food and cocktails, so the account appeals to more than just the craft beer crowd.

Time to start counting down the minutes until Happy Hour. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go stare at more pictures of beer.

Photo: Robert Lahser/Charlotte Observer


Corey Inscoe is editor of CharlotteFive and spends way too much time staring at beer photos on Twitter. Follow him on Twitter @CoreyInscoe.