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7 details you probably didn’t know about Shania Twain

On Wednesday, I had an Uber driver who evidently had some rather bottled-up feelings to share about some of the music industry’s hottest stars du jour. The topic arose at the very mention of Taylor Swift. After discussing his qualms with Swift-inator as a human being — (and, in his opinion, her many questionable musical indiscretions — e.g. did you know she tried to trademark the phrase “this sick beat,” “party like it’s 1989” and other lyrics of hers? Yeah. Seriously, T-Swizzle?) — he then moved on to talk about Katy Perry and Shania Twain.

I learned a lot more than I ever thought I’d need (or want) to know in that seven-minute journey from Plaza-Midwood to Tryon St.

But I digress.

So in honor of my anonymous Uber driver and Twain’s Charlotte stop at Time Warner Cable Arena tonight, here are seven things you (probably) didn’t know about the country star. (For those paying attention, that’s one for each minute of that fateful trip).

(1) The country singer was born in 1965, but Shania Twain did not exist until 1991. Eilleen Regina Edwards changed her name to Shania Twain that year. “Shania” means “I’m on my way” in Ojibwa.

(2) The meaning behind Twain’s name is actually unclear. Although there is the Ojibwa translation, the Dictionary of Pseudonyms: 13,000 Assumed Names and Their Origins says “Shania” could also mean “silver” or “money.” She mashed that together with her stepfather, Jerry Twain’s, last name to complete the name change.

(3) She didn’t begin within the country genre; rather, she started in rock. She found her start in two bands before becoming Shania — Longshot, a rock band and a cover band called Flirt.

(4) She is an “unabashed commercialist.” She told Time Magazine doesn’t have worries about being “artistic,” like some other singers. She sings what she thinks other people will listen to.

(5) According to Twain’s IMDB page, her parents were killed in an accident when she was 22. Twain had to put her music career on hold to raise her younger siblings.

(6) She’s one of America’s biggest names in country — and she’s Canadian. A-boot time Canada gets a shout out, eh? 

(7) She’s 49 years old but she definitely hasn’t lost her edge. 

And now, you lucky ducks can see her live. But you better hurry — tickets are swiftly (pun fully intended) selling out.

Photo by The Charlotte Observer. 

Madysan Foltz
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