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TBT: Risque newspaper ads from the past

Let’s get risque on this Retro Thursday. We’re looking back at ads for adult entertainment from the Charlotte News in 1969 and 1970. We snagged Maria David, the Observer’s librarian, to do the deed.

Dig deep, Maria:

(1) Guess what restaurant is now at 123 W. Trade St? Hooters!


(2) The Zanzi-Bar Lounge was on Remount near West Boulevard.

ads 1

(3) Dunkin’ Donuts is on this site now, near the intersection of South and East boulevards.

ads 4

(4) The (in)famous Morgana! Midwood Tennis Academy resides there now, across from McDonald’s and the Pass Time Billiards Lounge in Plaza Midwood.

ads 5

(5) There’s the Zanzibar lounge again!

ads 6

(6) First Charlotte showing of “Love Pirates.”

ads 7

(7) Amateur night?! Wilkinson Boulevard at Camp Greene Street. Best Buy Tire & Brake is there now.

ads 8

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