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Rooftop gardening and cocktails with The Punch Room’s Bob Peters

If you live in Charlotte and haven’t heard of Bob Peters, then you’re definitely not drinking enough. The famed mixologist who heads the bar program at The Punch Room has a cult following of cocktail lovers—and for good reason.

Guess who has a new menu coming out tomorrow?!! @thepunchroom!! That’s who. I have some serious cocktails to tell you about. Im using a ton of organic ingredients from my garden & bee hives off the roof. Special props to @jdriscollphotomen for this beautiful photo. #lifeandthyme #cltdrinks #cocktail #cocktails #craftcocktail #craftcocktails #craftbartender #barman #bartender #mixology #FRavorites #howisummer #ilovemyjob #lifeandthyme

A photo posted by Bob Peters (@bob_peters) on Jul 28, 2015 at 2:28pm PDT

//><!--His concoctions sound like magical elixirs. A dash of exotic bitters here, a splash of infused syrup there, now carbonate this and smoke that. Watching Peters behind the bar feels like getting a glimpse of a mad scientist in his laboratory.//--><!

This week I stopped by The Punch Room, which is on the 15th floor of the Ritz-Carlton, to check out its brand new summer menu (the drink list changes about once every six weeks).  And here’s where things get really cool: Peters offered to take me along on one of his gardening trips—to the Ritz’s rooftop garden.

Here is a sneak peek of my Punch Room Pims Cup. I won’t give you all the ingredients yet but I will say that it is made with fresh mint, lavender, Blue Moon Catmint (all from my organic garden that is on the roof) & topped with @lennyboybrewingco Ginger Kombucha. This is how you beat the heat here at @thepunchroom! #cltfood #cltdrinks #cocktail #cocktails #craftcocktail #craftcocktails #craftbartender #barman #bartender #mixology #FRavorites #howisummer #ilovemyjob A photo posted by Bob Peters (@bob_peters) on Jun 25, 2015 at 1:56pm PDT

Almost every day before he gets behind the bar, Peters heads up to the roof which is lined in organic herb gardens. His gardening bucket? A  Laurent-Perrier silver champagne bucket (this is the Ritz, after all).

Alongside gorgeous skyline views, he trims and picks plants like rosemary, mint, and sweet basil, which he uses as garnishes in his drinks. His cocktails also include honey from the rooftop’s two bee-filled hives (I was glad we were not harvesting that).

Miso Daiquiri. Fresh pressed grilled grapefruit, mint, miso daiquiri made with @luxardousa maraschino liqueur, & @muddyriverdistillery Queen Charlotte’s Reserve Rum. This baby sings here @thepunchroom. Photo credit to @jdriscollphotomen. #cltfood #cltdrinks #cocktail #cocktails #craftcocktail #craftcocktails #craftbartender #barman #bartender #mixology #FRavorites #howisummer #ilovemyjob

A photo posted by Bob Peters (@bob_peters) on Jun 27, 2015 at 3:08pm PDT

Want to indulge in one of these fresh and boozy drinks? Pay The Punch Room a visit.

I’d recommend The Queen City Swizzle. It’s the one Peters made for me in this video. A mixture that’s a twist on Bermuda’s traditional Rum Swizzle, this pretty drink features Queen Charlotte Rum and a tasty kick of a Serrano pepper. (Recipe below the video!)

The Queen City Swizzle

– 1 muddled lime wedge

– 1 tiny piece of Serrano pepper, muddled

– 1.5 oz Queen Charlotte Reserve rum

– 0.75 oz Yellow Chartreuse

– 0.25 oz simple syrup

Shake and strain over crushed ice. Top with Angostura bitters (adds the reddish coloring to the top). Garnish with fresh mint.

Photo by Justin Driscoll.

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