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Will the weather be a Grinch this Christmas?

The Story

A couple of Christmas storms could affect your holiday.

The Facts

In Charlotte, we could see rain Tuesday into Wednesday. We might even see thunderstorms and warm temps. On Thursday, expect windy and chilly. Stay inside and play with your toys.

christmas wind charlotte

Nationally, the Christmas Eve rain could be heavy all the way to Boston. You might need to worry about airport delays between the rain and the wind.

– If you’re going to the Great Lakes areas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, you’ll probably see snow. Surprised?


– “More hype. Look over the past “big storm” predictions: they fizzle out into nothing. Pure hype.” – commenter

C5’s Take

Thunderstorms, strong winds, cold? Keep the Christmas cookies coming and keep the Netflix running. Safe travels, all.

Photos: Todd Sumlin/Charlotte Observer