Around Town

Need your coffee fix? Get 2 hours of Rush Espresso in 24 seconds

Last week’s C5 visit to Rush Espresso in Brevard Court wasn’t just all about #KatieCon. We also managed to capture on film the hunt for coffee during the shop’s busy morning.


Check out our time lapse video of Rush Espresso’s rush hour. If you were there between 8-10 a.m. Thursday, see if you can find yourself:

Time lapse videos are cool these days, especially on construction sites. Catch these live now in the Queen City:

300 S. Tryon: 25 stories, opening in 2017.


1616 Camden: South End office complex, nearing completion.


500 East Morehead: Right now, this time-lapse is preparing to show the demolition of the current office building, which will make way for a new 7-story building.


Skyhouse: Time lapse shows the parking deck going up beside this new apartment complex.


And for old time kicks, check out this time lapse of UNCC’s football stadium.