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Worst parking lots in Charlotte: part 2 - the 21 lots we missed

You complained, we commiserated. Here are 21 more just gawd awful places to park in Charlotte, courtesy of our C5 readers. If you missed Part 1: The 8 worst parking lots in Charlotte, go there first.

(1) Trader Joe’s — Piper Glen

Trader Joe’s Piper Glen, by far my most hated parking lot in Charlotte. – Sandy


(2) Harris Teeter in Plaza Midwood

I mean, they totally just renovated our store. They had every opportunity to get it right, and it’s TERRIBLE. – Clay

(3) Selwyn Pub/Selwyn Ave.
(4) Charlotte City Club
charlotte city club-parking
(5) Pasta and Provisions/Providence Road Sundries


(6) Panera/Manor Theatre

(7) Taj McTeeter

(8) The Arboretum  I have to say Arboretum. The flow of traffic meanders and doesn’t provide clear driving or parking lanes. Structurally, the worst. – Bruce  The Arboretum was designed by someone who was drunk. – John  

(9) Asian Corner Mall 

(10) Whiskey Warehouse/Commonwealth 


(11) Carolina Place Mall

Nope, I would rather negotiate Whiskey Warehouse parking lot full of land mines than Carolina Pl Mall at xmas – @slamoy2

(12) Bad Daddy’s

(13) Thai Taste
(14) Independence Center (15) 121 West Trade

(16) Blakeney Leave uptown, and you’d have to include BLAKENEY. Just the entire place. It’s horrible this time of year. – @NightOwl_RN Yes, all of blakeney/stonecrest/ballantyne. You can’t go 5 ft w/o hearing someone blowing their horn in anger – @Cheekysqwrl  

blakeney parking
(17) Walgreens at South and Woodlawn

(18) Independence Boulevard


(19) Pinky’s


(20) SouthEnd Food Truck Friday

(21)  Kohl’s on U.S. 74

Photos: Google Maps. Harris Teeter & Independence Blvd: Davie Hinshaw / Charlotte Observer. Blakeney: Celeste Smith / Charlotte Observer.