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Your guide to the best spots for banh mi in Charlotte

Courtesy of Crispy Banh Mi
Courtesy of Crispy Banh Mi

We’ve brought you a guide to the best spots for sandwiches in Charlotte, but now we’re back with a guide specifically to a sandwich that deserves its own category — banh mi.

The Vietnamese staple is a baguette stuffed with meats, vegetables and sauces. The sandwich came out of French influence on Vietnam during the colonial period, starting with the baguette and then slowly adapting with the fillings. It can be described as the culinary love child of the two distinct cultures.

With each bite bringing the perfect combo of spicy, sweet and savory, you’re missing out if you haven’t tried one yet.

Check out these local spots for some of the best banh mi sandwiches in town — some of which are very traditional and some that have a more modern twist.

(1) Banh Mi Brothers

230 E. W.T. Harris Blvd., Suite A7

Photo by Alex Cason<br>Hau Doan and Luan Doan, owners of Banh Mi Brothers

Not only does this popular spot have traditional banh mi, but vegan options and specialty options are available, too. Want to top off this meal with another popular menu item? Order a side of fries. It has five different options to choose from.

Price: $5-$8

(2) Banh Mi and Tea Company

2130 Ayrsley Town Blvd.

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From the teriyaki salmon banh mi to the “Philly” banh mi, there’s truly a banh mi for any and every tastebud at Banh Mi and Tea Company. If the name of this restaurant doesn’t give it away, don’t miss the chance to try one of its teas, too.  

Price: $4.50-$8

(3) CO

4201 Park Road D; 7416 Waverly Walk Ave.

CO is known for taking traditional dishes and adding its own unique flare, and the banh mis are a true testament to that. You can even add pho broth or a side of green papaya salad with herbs and mixed veggies for just $3 more.

Price: $8-$10.50

(4) Crispy Banh Mi

5100 South Blvd., Suite C; 2934 Shamrock Drive

Courtesy of Crispy Banh Mi

Here you can choose from 12 different meat options, and if that isn’t enough to fulfill your cravings, top it off for an extra savory taste by adding even more meat and/or a fried egg for $1 each. The manager describes this restaurant’s recipe as a blend of American taste with the original Vietnamese flavor.

Price: $4.50-$4.95 (depending on the meat)

(5) Lang Van

3019 Shamrock Drive

Lang Van is a long-time staple to Charlotte’s culinary scene not only for banh mi, but other vegan and vegetarian options, too. With over 100 menu options that signify the unique, flavorful tastes of the Vietnamese cuisine, it’s perfect for your next go-to for dinner. Note that this a great spot for your banh mi delivery and take-out needs, as well. 

Price: $3-$4.75

(6) Le’s Sandwiches and Cafe

4520 N. Tryon St. # 41

This hidden gem tucked away in the Asian Corner Mall has been a popular spot for banh mi sandwich since 2004. As Charlotte has grown into having a well-developed foodie scene, so has the reputation for this O.G. banh mi cafe. Whether you get its traditional meat or vegetarian options, you can’t go wrong.

Price: $4.25 and up

(7) Me Vietnamese Kitchen

2524 E. Franklin Blvd. A, Gastonia

This may be a guide to the best banh mi spots in Charlotte, but it wouldn’t be a complete list without including this neighborhood stop in Gastonia. Choose from six different banh mi options, with honorable mentions to the grilled shrimp banh mi and pho French-dip banh mi.

Price: $7-$10

(8) Pho @ NoDa

 2100 N. Davidson St. Suite A

Courtesy of Pho at NoDa

Stop in to Pho @ NoDa for pho and banh mi under one roof. This eatery serves authentic dishes, including the banh mi served on a french baguette with aioli, cucumber, cilantro, jalapenos, carrot and daikon — and take your pick of seven different protein options. Choose from the special trio of BBQ pork, ham and cold cut to lemongrass grilled pork, an egg sunny-side up and more. 

Price: $6.00

(9) Queen City Grounds

644 N. Church St.

01. QUEEN CITY Grounds _Book-Photo by Alex Cason – 4229

With a menu curated by Jeff Mcelwee of FŪD ON THE MŪV, previously featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, this a must try stop for a banh mi- known as between the bahn and mi. QCG’s recipe includes smokey, marinated tofu, carrots, cilantro, tomatoes, jalapeños, avocado and sriracha aioli in a toasted Duke’s Bread hoagie.

Price: $7.50

(10) Sizzlewich

3607 Whitehall Park Dr., #1200

Hungry after grabbing a drink at Waterbean Coffee? Walk right over to conjoing sister-restaurant Sizzlewich for banh mi. There’s quite a story to the family history of this restaurant — with founder Tony Vo dedicating it to his beloved grandmother, according to his website — and the tasty food is a testament to his dedication. Sizzlewich has three meat options for banh mi: bulgogi beef, lemongrass pork and cold cut.

Price: $5-$5.75

(11) Yummy Banh Mi Truck

Various locations

With the Yummy Banh Mi food truck roaming out and about through the streets of the city, what better meal for a bite on the go? Make sure to check out its weekly food truck schedule so you don’t miss out on the yummy menu items. 

Price: $5.50-$8

Did we miss one of your favorite banh mi spots? Comment below and let us know. This post has been updated to add some of your recommendations.