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Beer in your ice cream: This N.C. Beer Month game plan is everything

N.C. Craft Beer Month has started and my inbox is overflowing with beer events – beer runs, beer festivals, beer pairings, beer tappings, beer square dances. (Yes, I made that last one up. But shouldn’t we?)

The celebration at Golden Cow Creamery, the craft ice cream place in South End, though is a little different: Beer ice creams. Every week for the next month, owner Alex Hannah will have a special ice cream featuring a local brewery.

This week (it is April 6 already, so you should hurry) features NoDa Brewing: Tangerine Hop Drop ‘N Roll. It’s tangerine ice cream with a swirl of Hop Drop that’s been boiled down into a concentrated syrup.

After that: The week of April 10 will be Legion, with a graham cracker ice cream with Slainte Irish stout. April 17 will be Unknown Brewing with peach ginger wheat. Finally, they’ll wrap up April 24 with Wooden Robot, a vanilla ice cream with a chocolate coffee swirl and a swirl of concentrated Good Morning Vietnam.

“They all include the beer, but they’re not just the beer,” Hannah says. He and the breweries collaborated on the pairings to come up with complementary flavors. And the ice creams don’t have alcohol, he says.

“It’s really interesting. We boil it down to a thick syrup and the alcohol evaporates out.” Boiling out the water keeps the ice creams from getting icy.

He only makes 100 servings of each one, so you have to get it while it lasts. It costs the same as the other ice creams. (BTW, Golden Creamery gives 1 percent of its profits to a different charity each month. Good to know.)

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Photo: Golden Cow Creamery

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