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New Charlotte brewery won’t allow babies or dogs*

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Charlotte’s breweries have become the ultimate family-friendly hangouts, where parents — of humans and dogs alike — can bring their little ones out for a drink without being judged. Some even cater to babies with play areas, and dogs with bowls of water and poop bags.

But some Charlotteans don’t like this trend. They don’t like crying babies and annoying dogs, with their barking and crotch-sniffing, getting in the way of them “getting their drink on.”

There’s hope for them.

Lemmy B Brewing, the first brewery to come to the long-neglected SouthPark area, will be dog- and baby-free, according to owners April and Lemmy Foules. It should open some time between mid-July and late-December.

No dogs or babies will be allowed in the taproom or beer garden at any time. Signs will be posted throughout the space reinforcing this. The couple hasn’t decided whether or not to hire a bouncer to enforce the rule.


“When did it become OK to drink around kids?” Lemmy said, red-faced. “And the damned dogs — fur going everywhere, barking, sniffing everything — it’s just the worst.

“I’m a grown man. I should be able to drink eight beers on a Monday and gripe about my life without some little kid crying beside me. I’m sure others agree.”

Lemmy B Brewing will offer four flagship brews:

– Peace and Quiet Porter

– No Half Pint IPA

– Babysitter Blonde Ale

– Leave ’em at Home Lager

It will only serve full pints — no small pours — and the taproom will also offer free hushpuppies.

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April believes she’s not alone in wanting an adults-only place to drink. She’s met many supporters on Twitter using the hashtag #leaveemathome.

“I don’t get why people want to spend so much time with their kids,” she said. “I’ve always used the brewery as a way to escape from them.”

*April Fools. Nothing in this story is true.

Photos: The Sacramento Bee; Corey Inscoe; Rowan Kerek Roberson/Flickr; Modesto Bee