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BREWPUBLIK wants to give you good beer in exchange for your crap beer

Since launching in Charlotte back in December of 2014, BREWPUBLIK has been on a quest to help Charlotte drink better. And they make it easy to do so, as they deliver craft beer — curated based on their own proprietary “beergorithm” — right to your door.

Not only will they bring you good beer, but they will give that good beer to you in exchange for your bad beer. It’s part of the company’s #SpringCleanMyBeer campaign, which is now in its second year. 

How does it work?

Visit and fill out a form letting them know what type of beer (light, hoppy, dark or “I’m feelin’ lucky”) you want them to bring and what macro or expired beer you have to offer in return. Then tweet a photo of said beer, making sure to tag @BREWPUBLIK  while using the hashtag #SpringCleanMyBeer. They will be in touch to arrange the swap. 

So far, they’ve received offers of Bud Light, Miller Lite, PBR, Natural Light and Corona. 

Last year, BREWPUBLIK collected more than 400 mediocre beers (their words, not mine), which they used in a low country boil at NoDa Brewing. They will probably collect a lot more this year, now that they have expanded into Raleigh, Charleston and San Francisco, where they were recently accepted into 500 Startups, a 12-week startup accelerator. And what will they do with all that bad beer this year?

Details are still to come, though it sounds like this year’s disposal will be a bit more dramatic (though perhaps less tasty) than a simple low country boil. They’ve put a few teasers out on Instagram and Twitter.

I pressed Charlie Mulligan, one of BREWPUBLIK’s co-founders, for more and was told to expect something fun and destructive, wherein “many crap beers will be destroyed in a quite glorious manner.”

They will be hosting public events in Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston and San Francisco (and they promise it will be safe). More details on those events will be forthcoming, but for now get those #SpringCleanMyBeer entries in: sign-ups end at 9 p.m. Thursday, April 14.