Where to take your family out in Charlotte (plus a few casual date ideas)

CharlotteFive Podcast hosts Sallie Funderburk and Alicia Thomas break down the activities and restaurants you must visit when family comes to town, or when you’re looking for something new to do on date night.

What do you like to do with your family when they come from out of town?

Alicia: “I know that when I’m home, which is in the central Pennsylvania area, my grandma loves to going to antique shops, she loves going thrifting, and things like that. She really enjoys finding those hidden treasures, so I’m totally taking her to Sleepy Poet. I’m very excited about that. I think she’s going to love it. It’s exactly her kind of thing. I think I’m planning to take her too to Amelie’s. She loves a good soup and salad…I do think I’m also going to take her to get her nails done because here you can get a glass of wine when you get your nails done, which you can’t in Pennsylvania.”

Sallie: “What my family and I haven’t done ever is go to any of the museums in Charlotte, and there’s plenty of museums–especially Uptown. There’s everything from the Levine Center for the Arts, (where) you’ve got the Harvey B. Gantt Center, you’ve got the Mint Museum, which has one of the largest art collections in the Southeast. Also, you can get free admission, especially if your family comes during the weekday, on Wednesdays at either of their locations (Randolph Road and Uptown). Then you have the Bechtler Museum, which has more than 1,400 pieces of mid-20th century modern art. So you can go to multiple museums, you can do your own museum tour if you’d like…If you really wanted to get your 10,000 steps in…you could walk all the way to 7th Street Public Market, or you could scooter of course. Because there are so many options at 7th Street, that there’s no way your family is going to complain. You could add pizza, you could have sushi, you could have acai bowls. The options are endless.”

What do you like to do for date nights?

Alicia: “Our favorite date night spot in our little ‘hood is probably Crepe Cellar. We like to go there on Tuesdays. We usually get the $6 wine by the glass. They have a pretty substantial wine list, which is great. They also share taps with Growlers Pourhouse, so they’ve got tons of beers available, and they rotate pretty regularly. So Andrew can get a beer, I can get a glass of wine. And then we usually share the burrata…they squeeze a little honey and lemon on it. They serve it with some crispy baguette crisps…And then if there’s a performance at The Evening Muse, which is right down the road, we try to go there. We like to pop in and see bands that we’ve never seen before–which they’re usually local or regional, not usually any big, big names. Or they’ll have a comedy show or a poetry reading or things like that. And Dog Bar has trivia on Tuesdays. So we’ll go back and pick up Luna (our dog), and we’ll go to Dog Bar and play trivia. Last night, we cleaned up on the literature round. It was great. Yeah, we’re very nerdy…”

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