8 of the most obnoxious people you meet Halloween night in Charlotte

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Even when Halloween falls on a Wednesday, like this year, it’s a fun-filled day. Reese’s sugar highs, cups of spiked Witch’s Brews, raucous parties and scary movies — what could be better?

Just watch out for these 8 annoying people you’re bound to bump into that day:

The sexy cat

Seriously, who had to take a sweet animal costume and turn it into a sex symbol? Did you really mean to wear a black leotard and kitty ears to the EpiCentre clubs?

The coworker in costume

Jeans Friday is a perfectly acceptable workplace tradition, but costumes? No one wants to be hammering out a report in their Uptown corporate cubicle and see Superman stroll past in a cape and spandex. Leave something for the imagination.

The teens with pillowcases

Everyone deserves their fair share of sugary goodness on this day, but at least work for it. Stumbling around your south Charlotte neighborhood in your street clothes with your adolescent peeps and a pillowcase as a trick-or-treat bag is just lazy. Do you really deserve these fun-size M&Ms?

The dude with a kissing booth costume

Dating is hard enough in the realm of social media and online match sites. Don’t muddy the waters of South End singletons with a box strapped around your waist and that weird excuse to hit on people.

The off-duty fireman

We get that NoDa is hipster, but you’re actually going to wear that flannel shirt and call yourself an off-duty fireman? At least track down a fire extinguisher at Lowe’s and throw it over your shoulder.

The people who don’t put out candy but are clearly home

People on the border of South End/Dilworth (and the border of family lifestyle/raging millennial lifestyle) we see you. And we can hear your horror flick playing in the background.

The wasted bar crawl participants

What if people actually want a normal Wednesday, post-work beverage but are thwarted by the impromptu Uptown bar-crawl crowd? Remember: Drink one glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage.

The disturbingly sexy Disney princess

This could happen anywhere across town, from the Ballantyne mom to the fresh-from-college South End resident. But the city never needed a sexualized Sleeping Beauty — don’t ruin wholesome animations for us all.