On the street: What do Charlotteans have to say about Charlotte?

CharlotteFive’s Sallie Funderburk and new podcast co-host Alicia Thomas take the C5 Podcast to the streets of Uptown to try to find out what people in a hurry think about the place where they live.

Sallie: What is the most overrated brewery in Charlotte?

Candace, 27: Oh man, putting me on the spot. Okay, I’m going to say, and this is going to sound terrible… Olde Meck. Their beer is okay but I don’t like it the best out of all of them, so I think it’s fun to go to, but don’t get me wrong, but I think that it’s definitely overrated.

Which Charlotte neighborhood is the most overrated and why?

Anna, 25: I would say, maybe NoDa. I think that there are some hidden gems but I think the things that everyone goes to aren’t as fun as they say they are.

Alicia: If you could meet Michael Jordan or Cam Newton in person, who would you choose and why?

Anna, 25: Michael Jordan, of course, because he’s the GOAT.


Alicia: Not because he was in “Space Jam?”

Anna, 25: No, he’s the GOAT.

Sallie: Did you play basketball?

Anna, 25: No I didn’t. But the ceiling is the roof.

Sallie: True or false – Charlotte’s oldest continuous mascot is Sir Purr.

Corey, 28: False.

Sallie: Do you know who Sir Purr is?

Corey, 28: Yes, the Panthers’ mascot.

Sallie: Uh, thank God. I got nervous that you didn’t know…

Talen, 26: False, agree.

Alicia: Wait, who do you think it is instead?

Corey, 28: The Hornets’ mascot.

Talen, 26: Agreed, Hornets’ mascot.

Sallie: Do you know his name? It starts with an H.

Corey, 28: Henry? (laughing)

Sallie: It’s Hugo. But no, you are both wrong. I am so sorry. It is Homer the Dragon, the baseball mascot.

Sallie: True or false – Charlotte’s oldest continuous mascot is Sir Purr.

Cody, 26: False.

Sallie: Who is it then?

Cody, 26: Oh, that’s a good question. Is it Hugo?

Sallie: Nope, take me out to the ballgame…

Cody, 26: It’s the Knights’ mascot isn’t it?

Sallie: Also, starts with an H…

Cody, 26: Not sure of his name.

Sallie: After work you are going…

Cody, 26: To get drunk.

Sallie: Okay, never mind. Homer the Dragon! (laughing)

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