Get Her Look: Wedding Day Perfection


Your wedding day can be a long and fun one, and Cali Stott of Cali Stott Artistry shares her ‘musts’ that every bride should have in her purse or with her on her wedding day to keep her feeling fresh and beautiful.

Kissable Pout

Throughout your wedding day there will be lots of photos and an excess amount of kissing with your sweetheart, so your favorite lipstick or lip-gloss is a must to keep you looking fabulous! 

Fresh as a Daisy

Having a bottle of your favorite perfume on hand is a great idea to give a little spritz throughout the day: before your big introduction as Mr. and Mrs., all the hugs you will be getting from your adoring guests, and to feel fresh after a night of dancing.  

Sparkle and Shine

Keep your blush and powder with you for touch ups. Remember you will be having your photo taken throughout the day, and you may need to powder your nose and give yourself a little extra color.  

Tears of Joy

Since there are bound to be a few tears during your wedding day, having something such as your grandmother’s handkerchief or tissues, close by is essential to dab away any happy tears. 


Have a little box of breath mints nearby to keep your breath fresh, as you will be doing a lot of talking. 

Everything in its place

Bobby pins are perfect for those hairs that may fall out during all the dancing! 

Clear Headed

With all the champagne toasts, a headache might happen. It’s a good idea to have a few pain relievers close by for you and your sweetie. 


In case anything gets on your stunning dress you can quickly wipe off the potential stain with stain wipes.