Your guide to 6 escape rooms in Charlotte, from hostage situations to elite spy missions

Escape rooms have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. You can think of them as the new murder mystery dinner, with sets and special effects that will give you a thrill similar to that of a haunted house. Whether you’re seeking the adrenaline rush of racing against the clock, or you’re more like me and just reading the room descriptions give you anxiety, escape rooms are a fun way to entertain out-of-town guests, work on team building with your colleagues, or simply just try something new with friends.

Here are six popular escape rooms in the Charlotte area that ask you to find clues, solve puzzles, and get out within 60 minutes.

Escape Tactic 

130 Southside Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217

Number of Escape Rooms: Four (two more coming soon)

Room Themes:

King Tut’s Curse ($25):
In this escape room designed like an ancient Egyptian tomb with a life-sized replica of King Tut’s sarcophagus, your group is a team of archaeologists who have been sent to find King Tut’s crook and lift a curse that was put on King Tut. However, if it takes you longer than 60 minutes, you will bear the burden of the curse forever. (No pressure.)

Amazon Survival ($25): In this escape room, your group has been captured and held prisoner by a tribe in the Amazon rainforest, and infected by a poison dart frog. You have 60 minutes to escape from the prison and find the antidote, otherwise you’ll face an agonizing death. This room also involves 60 gallons of water, but you’ll have to go to find out why.

Mine Trap ($25): In this escape room, your group is a team of miners who is trapped underground after part of the mine collapses. Since oxygen is limited you only have 60 minutes to escape from the fallen rock and make your way to the mine shaft elevator — otherwise your whole team will suffocate.

Devils vs. Heels ($25): This room splits the group up into two teams who compete to get onto the basketball court, unlock the basketball, and score in the opponent’s basket before the 60 minutes are up. This is a great escape room for sports lovers!

Additional Details: Escape Tactic is the largest and highest-rated escape room facility in Charlotte (based on square feet and an aggregate rating score across Facebook, Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor). They also have partnerships with Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Sugar Creek Brewing, Queen Park Social, and Good Road Ciderworks that will score you discounts and freebies after you play.

Exit Strategy

North Location: 9539 Pinnacle Dr Ste 300, Charlotte NC 28262

South Location: 4215 Stuart Andrew Blvd Ste B, Charlotte NC 28217

Number of Escape Rooms: Four at their North location, and five at their South location.

Room Themes/North Location:

Spy Trainer ($25):
An elite spy unit must be formed and deployed.

Subject Zero ($25): You must capture a scientist and his creation in the war-torn country of Rajikstan.

The Mansion ($25): You participate in an experiment in a mansion owned by an eccentric and world-renowned philanthropist.

The Ruins ($25): You find yourself in an ancient temple deep in the jungle.

Room Themes/South Location:

Queen City Bank Heist ($25): You’re tasked with stealing the Zela Heart diamond, housed in a secure vault in the bank.

Murder Mystery ($25): You’re staying at a sketchy hotel and must solve the mystery of what happened in your room.

Gone ($25): You must solve the mystery of what happened to the family who lived in this now haunted house.

Quest of Honor ($25): You must defeat the dragon that is attacking the medieval town of Westwend and retrieve a long lost artifact.

Lost in Space ($25): After your space mission goes wrong, you must repair the ship before you run out of oxygen.

Additional Details: Children younger than 12 years old are not allowed in the escape rooms. Some of the rooms have additional age restrictions. They offer an early bird discount of $5 off if you book between 10 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. on Saturdays. They also offer group discounts for groups of 15 or more people, and student/military discounts.


933 Louise Avenue #201, Charlotte, North Carolina 28204

Number of Escape Rooms: Four

Room Themes:

Shipwrecked ($28): Recover the Asi Sword from the wreckage of an old pirate ship before treasure hunters beat you to it.

Deep Space ($28): Discover alien life on a mission into deep space, before they get through the spacecraft’s security.

The Residents ($28): You’re sent to investigate a haunted house that has been driving away families since 1881.

The Experiment ($28): Escape The Central State Asylum where you are being held against your will.

Additional Details: You’ll receive $2 off if you check in on Facebook, or if you ride your bike to Codescape and present your Charlotte Bicycle Benefits sticker.


11025 Carolina Place Parkway Ste #D-19, Pineville, NC 28134

Number of Escape Rooms: Five

Room Themes:

Do Not Disturb ($26.99): You track down a kidnapper to a run-down motel and must save his next victims.

The Kidnapping ($26.99): You and your teammates wake up handcuffed and blindfolded in a strange room. You have 60 minutes to escape before your kidnapper returns.

Museum Heist ($26.99): You and your teammates must break into an art thief’s home, find the stolen goods, and escape.

Operation Casino ($26.99): You must discover the alias of a missing agent and bring down the person responsible for his disappearance.

Hostage ($26.99): You and your teammates are handcuffed and trapped after your plane is hijacked. You must escape and figure out who the hijackers are before time is up.

Additional Details: Use promo code “WEEKDAY10” to receive 10% off games on Sunday – Thursday.

Escape Kings

11333 Granite St., Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28273

Number of Escape Rooms: Four

Room Themes:

Kings Quest ($19): You and your fellow knights must complete King Arthur’s final quest.

Aztec Ruins ($19): You and your team will tour the site of Aztec ruins and solve puzzles and find clues along the way.

Ghost Hunters ($19): Your team must find and free all of the ghosts in Queens Hospital before midnight.

Outbreak ($19): You and your team must find the cure to a deadly virus that is spreading throughout Charlotte.

Additional Details: Escape Kings is rated number one on TripAdvisor for Fun & Games in Charlotte. The recommended minimum age is 10 years old. In addition to escape rooms, they offer video gaming parties that can host up to 32 people playing at once.

Outbreak room at Escape Kings. Photo by Escape Kings

Escape Hour 

9301-A Monroe Road, Charlotte, NC 28270

Number of Escape Rooms: Three

Room Themes:

Detention ($25): You and your teammates must outwit your teacher to escape detention.

Granny’s House ($25): Escape the home of a former Russian spy who has trapped you in hopes of making you the grandchild she never had.

The Detective’s Office ($25): You and your teammates must prove your innocence to this detective who believes you are the mastermind behind a series of thefts.

Additional Details: Recommended minimum age is 15 years old. Open Wednesday – Sunday, and available for private events upon request. Groups of 18 or more receive a discount of 15 percent.

Escape Hour
Group at Escape Hour. Photo by Escape Hour

Featured photo courtesy of Escape Tactic