Are life coaches actually worth the hype? We talked to one to find out.

Courtesy of Sarah Olin
Courtesy of Sarah Olin

Doesn’t it seem like everyone around you, yourself included, gets overwhelmed easily and is constantly looking for more hours in the day? But if Beyonce can do it, can’t we all? Luckily Charlotte Life Coach Sarah Olin talked with the CharlotteFive podcast on what’s really behind those feelings of inadequacy, what life coaching actually is, how coaching is different from a therapist, a consultant and much more.

I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes I don’t understand the whole idea of a life coach, and why people go. Can you explain what you offer?

“When I talk about coaching, I also like to talk about consulting and therapy, just so people can really get the distinctions. A consultant is a person who is typically hired as an expert in a particular field who will tell you what to do. Not me. Traditionally therapy is around trauma, addiction, abuse, largely past-based conversations that need more attention than just a standard coaching conversation. Coaching is a conversation about where you’re at, where you want to be, and what’s in the way, both real and imagined. Coaching is about the future. It’s about getting people present to possibility, who they really are, beyond the crappy stories that they have, beyond fear and those sorts of things.”

What are some common issues that people face when they come to you?

“When people show up at my door, a lot of times they’re overwhelmed, or they’ve got issues around time or money. This is everybody, right? But it’s really higher level stuff. I think for a lot of people, they don’t recognize that they have choices. They think that they’re stuck with however it is, or whatever they’re doing, or whoever they’re with, and in coaching, you’re looking at you. Like, ‘Oh, what can I be responsible for, in this equation, in this relationship, at my work?’

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Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Olin