I got one of those new breast milk facials -- but they wouldn’t let me use my own milk

Dealing with breast milk takes up at least four hours of my day, every day. Not an hour goes by where I’m not doing something related to it: wondering if it’s time to nurse my 8-month-old, getting bottles ready for daycare, timing my pumping around meetings, thawing milk from my freezer stash so she can have enough for the next day, drinking water to stay hydrated, calculating whether I can squeeze in a beer during dinner between nursing sessions, and so on. It’s a lot and it’s constant.

So when I heard about the new Breast Milk Facial service being offered at Mud Facial Bar in SouthPark, I thought it sounded awesome and that I could totally use the bit of relaxation.

I think breast milk is magical. I’m a full believer in its power to heal. I’ve used it on my kid’s eczema, blocked tear ducts, and acne issues of mine. This is a common practice and topic on many mom Facebook groups I’m a member of.

So I drove my lactating self on over to Mud and happily hopped into the spa chair, but not before I asked if I could use my own breast milk. Kerri Flanigan, the spa’s owner, said they can’t use something brought in from the outside even if it’s my own. Bummer.

in front of Mud with my own breast milk

“It’s about as organic as you can get,” Tyenisha Glenn, my esthetician, said about the star ingredient in the Breast Milk Facial. She provided the play-by-play of what she was applying to my skin throughout the service.

The Breast Milk Facial is Mud’s regular “Breathe” facial, which costs $50, with breast milk added in for an additional $10. It’s 0.5 ounces of breast milk mixed with water and lavender into their white kaolin clay mask.


The milk comes directly from one mom who lives in Minnesota. This mom supplies it for all three Mud locations — Chicago, Boulder, and Charlotte. She just had her third baby and produces more milk than her baby needs. She approached the corporate Mud store in Chicago to see if they wanted to use her milk for the breast milk facial service they were about to launch and Mud has been buying it from her ever since.

Kerri told me the mom is on a strict organic only diet and that she is screened. The thought is that whatever the mom eats can partially end up in her milk and the more pure her intake is, the more pure the milk will be. The mom and milk go through an accredited third party to make sure the milk is safe for a baby to drink and therefore safe to be used in a facial.

The milk is shipped frozen, it arrives frozen, and they keep it frozen until it’s ready to be used.

Kerri says the benefits of breast milk is that it contains natural antibodies that help fight bacteria, which is great for issues like acne, eczema and sunburns. All of their facials are $50, but for $10 each, you can add on some extra pampering items to your service. The Breast Milk Facial is now permanently on the menu.

breast milk mask being applied

The entire facial took about 30 minutes, was a seven-step process (including the use of glass globes to press the mask into the skin) and had me feeling very relaxed when it was all over.

Ultimately, there’s no way of knowing how effective the breast milk was, but I do know that the facial left my face feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Photos: Katie McKiever