Gov. Cooper talks HB2, how Millennials are shaping N.C. policy, and plays 2 truths and a lie

Yesterday I played Two Truths and a Lie with the governor of North Carolina. That’s gotta be a top 10 career highlight.

N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper was in Charlotte to speak at the June meeting of #35BelowCLT, CharlotteFive’s young professional breakfast networking event. About 50 of the city’s top young professionals filled the dining room at Fahrenheit to hear Cooper talk about House Bill 2, how young people are shaping policy in Raleigh, and what it’s like being governor of a “purple state.”

Then Cooper turned the audience into his own personal focus group, asking questions about how Charlotte and the state can attract more young, talented people.

If you weren’t at the breakfast, well, first you should do whatever you can to get your company signed up for #35BelowCLT. (You can learn more about it here.) But lucky for you we recorded the whole thing and released it with this week’s episode of the CharlotteFive Podcast.

Observer reporter Anna Douglas and I talked with the governor about:

– What he would tell 25-year-old Roy Cooper.

– His upcoming executive order addressing protections for the LGBT community.

– What it’s like being a Democratic governor in a state that went for President Donald Trump in 2016 and has a Republican-controlled legislature.

– How young people are helping shape state policy — and how they can get even more involved in state politics.

– How he lets off steam from his stressful job.

At the end, we took a group photo on the balcony at Fahrenheit, because that’s just what you do in one of the most Instagrammed spots in the city.

FullSizeR copy

And then we took a selfie.

IMG_1428 copy

Oh, about the Two Truths and a Lie game: See if you can spot Gov. Roy Cooper’s lie:

– He recently played Father Christmas in a production of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.”

– He was an all-conference basketball player.

– He was on a plane that missed its landing on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific.

Think you know? Listen to this week’s CharlotteFive Podcast to find out the answer.

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