11 blogs by Charlotte writers worth reading

Kelley Carboni-Woods
Kelley Carboni-Woods

In 2009, I started eSpecially Ben, a blog about raising our son, Ben, who was born with special physical, cognitive and communication needs. I started the blog so that I could share our experiences with others. I owe my start in writing to Ben and that blog.

Charlotteans write blogs on almost any topic you can imagine. The writers who actually make the commitment (and it is a commitment) share valuable experiences, knowledge and resources with others. It has become another way to make connections with people.

I asked friends and acquaintances to recommend blogs written by Charlotteans. Here are their suggestions:

Infectiously Happy

Infectiously Happy was created by Kelley Carboni-Woods (photographed above) in 2012 to highlight her travel adventures. As her life evolved into motherhood and yoga, so did her blog. She shares her ever-changing experiences with food, parenting and life.

Light Shining

Light Shining was launched by Suzanne Watts Henderson after testing the waters for years with friends and colleagues. They all responded, “Finally,” when she went public. She says her blog “combines a little Bible, a little non-conformity and a lot of quirky reflection on this light-filled journey.”

Suzanne Watts Henderson

A Queen City Girl

A Queen City Girl is written by Chloe Massey, a 20-something accountant. She has always had a passion for fashion. Her blog features fun, affordable style options along with beauty tips and home decor.

Chloe Massey

The Wandering Gourmand

The Wandering Gourmand is a craft beer and food travel blog by freelance (and C5) writer Bryan Richards. The blog offers beer and food travel guides, tips and stories in North Carolina and internationally.

Bryan Richards

Writing Through Career Transition

Writing Through Career Transition started as a way for Y.M. Nelson to deal with a job layoff and her pursuit of a successful creative writing career. The blog has since blossomed into a resource for all things writing related.

Y.M. Nelson

The Book Beacon

The Book Beacon is Kris Seek’s guide to great indie and traditionally published books. Participate in giveaways and read author interviews and guest posts.

Kris Seek

Almost Parent

Almost Parent is a team blog created by Bob and Elizabeth Nardi. Bob started writing so that he could work out his feelings about becoming a dad, and then Elizabeth added her thoughts. Their tagline describes the premise for the blog: “Someday we will parent from a position of knowledge. Until then, we will Almost Parent.”

Bob and Elizabeth Nardi

Philosophy for Living Today

Philosophy for Living Today is written by Norris Frederick. He shares philosophical ideas that can help us live better and enrich our thinking. Frederick says, “The best philosophies are drawn from our experience, shaped by wonder and critical analysis, and then worked into a worldview that we try out again on our lives.” (Frederick was my philosophy professor at UNC Charlotte.)

Norris Frederick

Future Self Podcast

The writer of Future Self Podcast, Robert Ingalls, says his blog is about investing in ourselves: “It’s about developing strategies to overcome the enemy inside our head that paralyzes us with fear, and making the tough decisions today and every day that will make our future selves proud.”

Robert Ingalls

100 Days of Real Food

100 Days of Real Food is about the journey of Lisa Leake and her family to cut out highly processed food. It includes recipes, tips and resources to help others along the way.

Lisa Leake

Style 512

Style 512’s creator, Stacy Sneed describes her blog as “the place where smart fashion comes alive. It’s inquisitive, it’s delightful and it’s full of (posts with) five tips suited for your style of life.” (My personal favorite post is The Color of Mourning.)

Stacy Sneed

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Photos: Courtesy of featured bloggers and Yaviri Escalera Photography