Charlotte, meet your young culinary dream team

Typically, when I’m eating braised lamb shoulder with a muscadine and mint jus I’m not imagining a young and fresh-faced chef behind the kitchen door. (Ok, fine, when I’m eating braised lamb shoulder with a muscadine and mint jus, I’m not really thinking about anything other than, “Is there a polite way to ask for seconds?”) But the point is that a dish this elegant and complex is impressive to the point of me imagining someone with decades of experience creating it.

Not so. The Asbury, one of Charlotte’s top upscale restaurants, has a team of three super-talented chefs who are all under 33 — but all have resumes that make it obvious what they’re doing in this prestigious kitchen.

Executive chef Chris Coleman is a tall 32-year-old with an easy smile and nine years of working at uptown’s pricey McNinch House under his culinary belt.


Thirty-year-old chef de cuisine Matthew Krenz comes with a soft Southern accent and experience working with chef Shane Ingram at Four Square in Durham and as executive sous chef at Passion8 Bistro.


And pastry chef Jossie Perlmutter? She’s just 23 years old and developed a sweet reputation as the creator of intricate and gorgeous desserts at Heirloom Restaurant before moving to The Asbury.


Together, these three are creating some of the best locally sourced dishes in town — and offering them with a Southern-meets-modern twist for brunch, lunch and dinner in a sleek uptown restaurant.


Want a taste? Head to the restaurant’s bar in the lobby of the historic Dunhill Hotel. Not only will you find expertly prepared classic cocktails, but from the bar you can order what may be one of the best items on this menu: The Sticky Biscuits ($6). Made with Benton’s 14-month ham and a goat cheese “icing,” you can just go ahead and add these bite-size biscuits to your list of things you’ll crave constantly once you’ve tasted even one.

Photos: Sarah Crosland

Video: Kennan Banks