Small Business: Creating a positive viewpoint on all aspects of life

Lee Williams, 34, graduated from University of Richmond with a degree in religion and philosophy. Since college, he has been working in corporate America. He started PositiveOne over a year ago with the hope of impacting students’ view of themselves and their future.

Photo 2 credit to Lee Williams

Williams is our next small business owner in C5’s Entrepreneur Series.

Why is Charlotte a good place to start a business?

Charlotte is “becoming” just like PositiveOne. Charlotte is growing fast and it’s on its way to becoming a major US city. The population has grown over the last few years and with that so have the opportunities.

PositiveOne Brand empowers our youth to think positively by building up their self-worth, self-awareness and self-confidence.

PositiveOne is a brand of love. Our goal is to change the world to have a positive viewpoint on all aspects of life. We communicate this message in four phases, P1 outreach, P1 media, P1 apparel and P1 connections. All of these phases are connected to our passion of giving back to others and helping others. We are leaders in our community. By executing these phases, we are confident that we will elevate those around us and ultimately the world.

Who has been your biggest influence? 

My mother has been the influence in my life. I grew up watching her make a way for my sister and me. It made me understand the value of a family. It has really helped me understand my role as a father.

My mother always showed us the importance of service with leading by example, so I was born with the passion to help and serve others.

Photo 3 credit to Lee Williams
How do you begin each day?

I get up at 5:30 a.m. every morning and walk 2.5 miles. It is a great way to take in the new day. Not many people are out at that time, so I use it to go outside in my neighborhood at Highland Creek I have the world to myself and take in the energy from the new day.  I find that starting the day off this way allows me to think clearly.

What do you see in your future?

I see PositiveOne becoming a major part of our community as we build our brand and help the youth and people of Charlotte. I see our “On My Genius” campaign growing in the community. OMG means to never quit, ignore the negative people who criticize your efforts and completely submerse yourself into achieving your end goal.

Where do you go in Charlotte when you need to chill?

Before fatherhood you would catch me uptown at the EpiCentre most weekends. Now, I go to Freedom Park playing with my 2-year-old daughter, Leena. That puts me at peace. I travel a lot so any spare time I am not working, I want to give her my full attention.

Photo 4 credit to Lee Williams

Photos: Lee Williams