The morning people who get sh** done before you sit down at your desk

Need a little boost to roll out of bed? These morning people do work.

Christine Sperow, anchor/reporter on WBTV/Bounce TV

christine on set

Usually wakes up at: 1:45 a.m. (first alarm). 2 a.m. (second alarm). Enter: love/hate war with the snooze button.

Before the typical work day begins, she:  Goes through emails/breaking news updates. Skims social media for breaking news and trending topics. Showers, curls hair. Meets with executive producer about her morning show appearance. Reads scripts, makes changes. Emails viewers who subscribe to morning news alert. Posts messages on Facebook/Twitter reminding viewers to tune in. Gets make-up on with final touches to hair before going on set.

What she loves about mornings: “Being the first newscast of the day people watch, I like knowing we’re setting the tone for their morning … We’re also a pretty fun group in the morning, as allegedly seen on behind-the-scenes bloopers, and that takes the sting off clocking in at 3:30 a.m.”

Lindsey Pitman, owner of The Daily Press


Usually wakes up at:

Before the typical work day begins, she does: “A lot. I have a dog and I cook all my meals so before work I have to handle all of that. Then I usually get to the shop and clean up after the Evening Muse from the show the night before. It can get pretty messy. And then I have to pull out our furniture and coffee equipment that we have to hide away every night. Heat water, check inventory, everything to create a coffee shop inside a music venue.”

What she loves about the morning: “I love that I live in Plaza Midwood and get to take back roads to my little NoDa corner. Seeing the sun rise down 36th Street, while researching the latest coffee news, and sipping tea every morning from my windows anticipating my morning regulars is so meditative.”

Jamey Yon, coach of TRi Yon Performance

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Usually wakes up at: 5 a.m.

Before the typical work day begins: “If it’s a Monday or a Wednesday, I coach an hour-long running session. If it’s a personal day I’ll get a swim in myself, or a run in myself. I come home at 7 o’clock and feed the kids (and get them dressed and get the chores done).”

What he loves about mornings: “It’s quiet, you get up and you get your energy rolling and you get to clear your head, get the blood flowing.”

Sarah Pitts, personal trainer and instructor at FlyWheel 


Usually wakes up at: 4:10 a.m. or 5 a.m. Depending on her class schedule.

Before the typical work day begins, she: Teaches. Eats (Greek yogurt, fruit or oatmeal). Definitely drinks coffee. Reads devotionals, news clips or emails to wake her brain up. Works out, showers and gets ready for the rest of her day.

What she loves about mornings: “I love the energy of people at that time. Especially at Flywheel, everyone who is there is driven and motivated.”

Stephen Hayes, Artist-in-Residence at McColl Center

unnamed (19)

Usually wakes up at: 4 a.m. or 5 a.m.

Before the typical work day begins, he: Preps his molds and sets up the heater to get them dry. He mixes up the material he wants them cast in — plaster, cement, wood or steel. And thinks about what projects he wants to work on, what he wants to create.

What he loves about mornings: “I don’t have anything that I enjoy. It’s time to get up.”

Honest. I like that.

Photos: TRi Yon Performance, Flywheel, WBTV, Stephen Hayes