What you’re missing at the Super Bowl City fan village

I ventured over to Super Bowl City to see if fans thought it was super lame. They didn’t.

What you’re missing at this free event:

Beer. Everywhere.

The beer huts and bars owerfloweth with overpriced craft beer and Bud Light Souvenir cups. The first beer stops were within 40 steps of each other.



Not far off, there was another bar and this Super Bowl 50 symbol sculpted out of beer cans. Because that is art.


An abnormal amount of stationary cycling.

There were multiple spots in the the village that challenged fans to a spinning session. Which doesn’t seem to have much to do with football, but does promote healthy living.




Hardcore football stunts.

Like posing for a touchdown photo with your boo and lurching into the air to catch a football on camera.


Raucous tunes.

Welcome to the Fan Energy Zone. May the noise be rough to the ears but may the dancing be spirited.

And, at times, disjointed.

Really, really, ridiculously excited people.

Yes, I think parts of fan events like this are absurd (I mean come on, $10 craft beer and ziplines?). But no one I talked to would tell me that they weren’t having a blast. Though the Panthers fans hadn’t really flowed onto the scene by Tuesday afternoon before the Super Bowl, Super Bowl City was crawling with people from the area or working in the area.

“It’s just so exciting, there’s almost no word for it,” said Diane Whereat, an attendee who showed me that, when you really want a photo, you do what you have to do. Like climb a mannequin wearing a Panthers jersey.

Another attendee, Peggy Johnston, even likened this fan event to those she has experienced surrounding the Olympics. “A lot of people are here to have a good time,” she said. “…It’s an excitement beyond what you’d get in your living room.”

And at the very least, her companion Mark Macario pointed out, “You get to drink beer in public places.”

That you do.

Photos: Katie Toussaint