Charlotte Hornets are hosting a 90s Nickelodeon Night March 1 and it sounds AWESOME

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If you grew up in the ’90s and had a television, these words should bring back some wonderful memories: Aggro Crag; Chuckie, Tommy and Angelica; slime; Temple Guard; Kel.

All of those things will be at Time Warner Cable Arena for 90s Nickelodeon Night March 1 when the Hornets host the Phoenix Suns.

The night will be co-hosted by Kel Mitchell — yes, “Kel loves orange soda” Kel — and “Figure It Out” host Jeff Sutphen.

There will be a halftime show based on the hit Nickelodeon game show “Double Dare.” (Related: If you’ve never read this oral history of “Double Dare” you absolutely should.)

And then you can geek out about photo ops with iconic Nick stuff like:

– The “Double Dare” host podium.

– The Aggro Crag Trophy from “Guts”

– Chuckie, Tommy and Angelica characters from “Rugrats”

– The Temple Guard from “Legends of the Hidden Temple.”

You might be wondering why the heck this is happening now. For one, because ’90s Nickelodeon was awesome. And also because Nick recently launched The Splat, which celebrates “the iconic Nickelodeon shows from the ’90s and beyond,” according to a release from the Hornets.

I’m just a little bummed that they won’t have the giant nose from “Double Dare” for people to dig through.

And that The Beets won’t be playing the national anthem.

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