Two top local chefs talk food and dining in Charlotte

Charlotte doesn’t have the national culinary reputation it deserves. Sure, I might be biased as someone who frequently covers this city’s food scene — and just eats a lot in Charlotte. But from farmers markets to food trucks we’ve got the culinary trends. And from upscale spots to low key joints, Charlotte has some seriously good food. So, what gives?

Why aren’t we a city full of James Beard nominees? Why does national coverage so often look to other cities like Charleston or Asheville, or even more recently, Raleigh and Nashville?

For this week’s The Good News Is podcast, we sat down with Chef Bruce Moffett and Chef Clark Barlowe to dish on topics like these.

Moffett, who opened his first Charlotte restaurant, Barrington’s, in 2000 has seen this city’s culinary scene come a long way—but has plenty of thoughts on how to move it along more.


And while Barlowe is a Charlotte Johnson & Wales grad, he only returned to town two years ago. He’s doing some seriously cool stuff (think foraging and rooftop bee hives) at his restaurant, Heirloom.


The pair talked about the emergence of chef-driven restaurants, how the new food scene shrinks our communities (in a great way), and their thoughts on what it might take for Charlotte to get the attention it deserves.

And because Corey won’t let me talk about food for an entire episode, we also covered a few other fun things:

-Television celebrities in Charlotte (Corey bleeped himself out in this segment)

-Food truck rallies (OK, technically food, but really more neighborhood talk)

-What you should be doing this weekend (Bet you never thought we’d instruct you to watch The Real Housewives)

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Photos: Ely Portillo; Charlotte Observer file; Todd Sumlin/Charlotte Observer