How you know you found ‘the one’

Let’s talk about real love. A few Charlotte notables share how they knew they met “the one” and give words of wisdom to those that haven’t met their significant other just yet.

Anne Neilson, Owner, Anne Neilson Fine Art

Anne met her husband Clark on a blind date in 1993. A mutual friend gave Clark the names of three girls to ask out and Anne was one of them. When Anne finally returned Clark’s call he was just getting in from playing basketball and she was painting in her home studio. It was late but they decided to meet for dinner at The Roasting Company.

Clark showed up in his basketball gear and Anne thought, “not too sure about this,” but they ended up having a wonderful evening. Two months and 10 dates later she knew he was the guy for her.

They recently celebrated 22 years of marriage.

Words of wisdom

“Be patient,” Anne said. “Surrender you hopes and dreams to God, whose plans might be a little different than yours. Know your value as a person — you are worthy to be loved.  Don’t let anyone mess with your heart — they deserve the best of your heart.”

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Brigida Mack, Anchor/Reporter, WBTV

Lots of people steer clear of office romances but it worked out great for Brigida and Reuben. They were friends for several years before they started dating.

When did she know he was the one? It was when Brigida realized Reuben always put her needs before his. All the time, he would ask her, “You good?” She finally asked him why he always wanted to know — and told him that if she wasn’t good she would tell him!

She said she will never forget his response: “Because if you’re not good, then I’m not good.” That was a “Game Over” moment for her.

Brigida and Reuben got married five months ago and she calls him her “co-anchor for life.”

Words of wisdom

Brigida said, “I’ve seen some version of this quote a million different places: ‘Someday, somewhere, the best is going to walk into your life and make you thank God you didn’t settle for anything less.’ Never settle. EVER. Your time will come. You will meet ‘the one.'”

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Denise Jonas, Co-owner, Nellie’s Southern Kitchen

Denise and Kevin met at their Bible college registration. “I first saw him walking one block in the distance toward the building where I was waiting in line. I was drawn to his kelly green t-shirt and tight Levi’s,” said Denise.

As they waited to register for classes the computers shut down. Kevin graciously offered Denise his seat and she remembers her mother commenting about the gesture, saying, “what a Southern gentleman.” As the day continued and the registration line grew, Denise and Kevin began to chit-chat to pass the time. Denise enjoyed hearing about Kevin’s summer including time at church camp and all the fun he had with the kids there. It was then that Denise thought how wonderful a father he would be someday.

Less than a week later, Denise knew he was the one.

Words of wisdom

“I’ve met a lot of young people lately who I believe are actually just settling,” Denise said. “I believe that love is real and you should know it in every part of your being. It should take your breath away. It should give you new breath.”

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Photo: Viktor Hanacek