New Beers on tap at Salud Cervezeria

Between the coolers, the shelves and the taps, you can choose from hundreds of beers at Salud Beer Shop in NoDa.

And that’s exactly why the shop’s new nanobrewery, informally dubbed Salud Cervezeria, will aim to provide something that stands apart from all of those choices.

“We’re not trying to make a beer that will be on all the time,” said Jason Glunt, founder of Salud Beer Shop. “I have 35 pale ales on the shelf. Why are you going to buy mine?”

The shop brews on a one-barrel system, which means it is capable of cranking out around 31 gallons of beer per batch. That’s about five small sixtel kegs for each beer, which can go quickly at the popular NoDa hangout. One day the beer could be on, the next it’s gone. That’s part of the fun of the nanobrewery model, for both brewer and drinker. There’s always something new around the corner.

Which is not to say the same beer will never be brewed again. While Glunt and his brewers Denny Deaton and Shawn McBride plan to rotate through a variety of styles, they will bring back old favorites on occasion. They are already planning to brew Brettstrami on Rye, a Baltic porter brewed with Brettanomyces yeast that was a hit at Brawley’s Black and Blue 7 a couple weeks ago.

And speaking of Brawley’s, the trio will be partnering with Michael Brawley to brew a “super citrusy, unfiltered IPA” in the vein of those coming out of the Northeast right now.

The three have no shortage of ideas, most of which are kept in a Google Doc that is now filled with notes on around 40 potential beers. Both Glunt and Deaton appreciate cocktails, and so you can expect to see beers inspired by cocktails on tap occasionally. They’re already brainstorming on a beer inspired by milk punch, a milk-based cocktail dating back to the 17th century.

“I just really love that blending of worlds,” said Glunt. “I have a big cocktail book that I use just for flavor inspirations.”

McBride’s specialty lies in sour and wild beers, and his homebrews in this category have garnered several ribbons. Salud Beer Shop has one of the area’s best selections of sour beers, so it’s a good fit. While Glunt hasn’t been brewing for years like Deaton and McBride, he is on hand for every brew day helping out where he can.

Glunt wants to devote two of his 12 taps to the shop’s house beers. He tapped the following beers March 22: Like A Ship 100% Brett IPA; My Interpretation of the Situation Satsuma Tangerine IPA; Chef Curry Coconut Russian Imperial Stout (expect more curry than coconut, said Glunt); El Quatro Gringo Mole Stout (made with Three Amigos Mole); Betty White IPA; and Ginevere, a gin barrel-aged Bière de Miel with lemons.

If you miss those, stop in to see what’s new on tap from Salud Cervezeria — just don’t expect a plain ol’ pale ale.

Salud Cervezeria