Making the case for 3 great places in Cotswold

At first glance, Cotswold appears to be just a strip mall surrounded by cul-de-sacs. Residents might not like that description, but it’s true.

Look a little deeper, though, and the area is actually … kinda cool. I mean, it could definitely be more walkable, and an independent coffee shop and popular late-night spot would be nice, but it is about to get its own farmers market. That’s a start.

Cotswold has one of the worst parking situations in the city — and the Publix isn’t even built yet — but it also has these three things that make that make fighting for a parking space, yelling at fellow drivers and banging on the steering wheel (is that just me?) worth it.

(1) Leroy Fox

The best fried chicken in the city is at Price’s Chicken Coop. (Fact.) But Price’s closes early, doesn’t have a dining room and doesn’t serve alcohol. Leroy Fox has really good fried chicken and stays open late, has a nice dining room and serves alcohol.

It’s also one of the few places that stays open late (1 or 2 a.m.) most nights. Don’t expect a hopping bar scene, but it’s a good spot for meeting friends for a late-night drink.

Pro tip: Get the zucchini fries as a side.


705 S. Sharon Amity Road

(2) Flywheel and Y2 Yoga.

Y2 Yoga may as well be Katie’s second home. How’s that for an endorsement? And there’s also Namastay Kitchen, which serves food, coffee, beer and wine — yoga not required.

Just down the street you have FlyWheel indoor cycling/FlyBarre, which is good because of all the fried chicken nearby.

Pro tip: Keep an eye out for new-student deals at Y2 Yoga and your first class at FlyWheel is free.

Flywheel: 2907 Providence Road Suites 103 & 104

Y2 Yoga: 274 S. Sharon Amity Road

(3) Block & Grinder

There are a lot of food options in this area (see above and the honorable mentions), but Block & Grinder stands above the rest for two reasons:

– The butcher counter, which serves beef, pork, chicken and so much more for you to take home and cook yourself.

– A farm-to-fork restaurant that is a meat-lover’s dream. Steaks, burgers — beef, bison, lamb and a rotating selection of wild game — ribs and more.

Pro tip: Be adventurous and try something new — like the chicken liver mousse.

2935 Providence Road

Honorable mentions:

Krispy Kreme (Duh).

The Improper Pig (A twist on BBQ — get the Improper Nachos).

Eddie’s Place (All-day breakfast).

Poppy’s Bagels (Move over, Bruegger’s).

Pizza Peel (Pizza and beer. Enough said).

Photos: Corey Inscoe