Queens University unveiled a new branding campaign Monday. Why you should care

Queens University of Charlotte unveiled a new brand Monday. Unless you’re a Queens student, you might not notice anything other than the new sign in front of the school on Selwyn Avenue and, maybe, if you see the new logo around town.

BrandAwakening- Logo


That’s fine. It’s mostly not directed at you, but at future students. But you should care about those future students and what they can bring to Charlotte.

A committee of 30 Queens faculty and staff talked to about 350 students, alumni, staff, faculty and parents. It also surveyed another 900 college-bound high school students. The group tried to answer this question: “What’s so special about Queens?”

The answer? Essentially, Charlotte.

“If you’re here at Queens, you’ve probably had a lot of great experiences,” Campbell Corder, a senior at Queens and president of the Student Government Association, said during the unveiling Monday on the school’s front lawn. “You’re been able to experience Charlotte, but you’ve also been able to go to school in a small, really close-knit community.”

(Go here for a more detailed look at the rebranding, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

“No matter what kind of industry you’re looking to get into, you’re able to find really relevant internship opportunities here,” Corder added after the event. “This very well could be a small school out in a small town and it would be a really nice community, but you wouldn’t have that access.”


Corder and students like him are the reason you should care about Queens rebranding. He’s from Austin, Texas. Queens wasn’t his top choice — then he came to visit. He’s a finance major and he came to Charlotte thinking he really wanted to go into banking.

“I was looking to go to a smaller school on the East Coast and we had friends in Charlotte and I’d been to Charlotte before, so Queens just kind of came up on my radar,” he said. “I immediately fell in love with the area, with the campus, with the community. I think the people are the best part about Queens. They’re just so inviting and welcoming.”

One of the things I love most about Charlotte is the number of passionate young people in the city. They bring energy and new ideas to Charlotte. They care about making it better, about giving the city an identity.

Universities like Queens, UNC Charlotte, Johnson C. Smith and others bring smart, young people — like Corder — to the city. If the city sells students on Charlotte and gets them involved in the community, the hope is that they stick around, live and work here, and add to the community of young, passionate people hoping to shape the city.

So yeah, this is more than just a new sign on Selwyn Road.

“The logo doesn’t tell the whole story,” Corder said. “It’s a piece.”

Photos: Corey Inscoe