The 6 kinds of people who should go to a Charlotte Knights game

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The Charlotte Knights home opener is tonight, and the hometown baseball team plays at BB&T Stadium in uptown all this weekend and next week, with games everyday through next Friday with tickets starting at $8 for standing-room-only.

“But I don’t like baseball — like, at all,” you might be saying. That’s fine. Knights games cater to baseball lovers and non-lovers alike.

Here are the 6 types of people who we think could enjoy a Charlotte Knights game.

(1) The baseball lovers.

This one’s kind of obvious. The Knights are the Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, which means that these guys are one level below the majors. You could see future stars on their way up and well-known names who come down to recover from an injury. Either way, it’s usually good baseball.

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(2) People who like free stuff.

Do you like picking up tons of free swag and then piling it on your desk at work as “decoration?” Charlotte Knights games are for you. The team’s promotional calendar lists a ton of giveaways, including:

– A BB&T Ballpark Scoreboard desktop clock (April 19)

– Matt Davidson Jedi Knight Bobblehead (… what? …) (May 3)

– Knights beach towel (June 14)

– Knights grill spatula (For Father’s Day … because all dads grill, duh) (June 19)

I think that scoreboard desktop clock would look nice on my desk …

(3) Socialites.

Let’s be real — almost no one is watching every pitch of a minor league baseball game. Many aren’t watching the game at all. A Knights game is a place to see and be seen, to hang out with friends and coworkers after work and to enjoy the nice spring/summer weather.

Just make sure you pay enough attention to not get hit by a foul ball. That’ll ruin your night.

(4) Amateur photographers who are always trying to take the perfect shot of the Charlotte skyline.

My favorite thing about this stadium is the majestic view of the Charlotte skyline you see if you sit just barely down the third-base line. The field sits below street level so the buildings tower over you.

Get Instagram and Snapchat ready and take that perfect selfie. It’ll be your profile pic for months.

(5) Craft beer lovers.

You can grab a local, craft brew to go along with your hot dog and peanuts. The stadium offers beers from The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, NoDa Brewing, Triple C Brewing, Birdsong Brewing, The Unknown Brewing Co. and D9 Brewing Co. In Mason jars, of course.


What’s better than drinking craft beer outside on a beautiful day?

Bonus: On Thirsty Thursdays, domestic draft beers are $3.

(6) 90s kids.

I don’t know what it is about the 90s and Charlotte sports teams right now, but I’m lovin’ it. The Knights have several 90s-themed promotions scheduled throughout the season for folks, like me, who want to reminisce about the days of VHS tapes and when Nickelodeon was actually good.

– Nickelodeon Day (July 10).

– “Festivus in July” Night, featuring the Soup Nazi from “Seinfeld” (July 18).

– Back to School Night, featuring an appearance from “Saved by the Bell” Principal Mr. Belding (Aug. 10).

– “Space Jam” night, featuring an appearance my favorite Charlotte Hornet of all time, Muggsy Bogues (who also played a small part in the movie). Here’s hoping that Michael Jordan also shows up … (Aug. 21).

Other non-90s-but-still-cool promotions:

– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appearance (April 17).

– “Star Wars” Knight (May 3).

– Second-annual “Caddyshack” night, featuring some guy not named Rodney Dangerfield playing Al Czervik.

Take yourself — and a friend or two — out to the ballgame.

Photos: Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer; Robert Lahser/Charlotte Observer; Courtesy of Tommy Viola