Watch videos of former Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon taking bribe money

Just when we thought we put that whole bribe mess behind us, the FBI decided to drop this load of video.

The FBI released footage from its two-year corruption investigation of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon yesterday afternoon. Why? Who knows. They declined to comment about it.

But, either way, now we get to see visual proof of Cannon taking bribes from FBI agents acting as real estate developers — in the SouthPark apartment, in Las Vegas and in the mayor’s office. The sound quality kind of stinks, but the videos are still worth a watch.

If you read the full affidavit when Cannon was arrested in 2014  — and if you didn’t, you’re really missing out — you’ll probably remember the whole fanning-the-money-by-his-ear moment. I imagined what that must have looked like, to see the friggin’ mayor fan a stack of bills by his ear. Now I get to see it.

And in one of the videos he even mentions HERS, his often-mocked feminine hygiene product.

The awkwardness of him trying to figure out how to get away with the agent leaving a briefcase stuffed with $20,000 cash in the mayor’s office is perfect. The solution? “What if you leave it by mistake and have to come back and get it?” Genius.

Cannon is inmate 29396-058 in a West Virginia prison. He’s scheduled to be released in January, but he could be in a Charlotte halfway house or under home detention as early as this summer.

The lesson: Don’t take bribes, kids, even if it would go a long way in helping you launch a feminine hygiene product.

Photo: Screenshot from FBI video