Dinner for $20: Three Amigos Mexican Grill and Cantina

Three Amigos Mexican Grill and Cantina is a surprisingly good and fun Mexican spot on Central Avenue. Pay attention as you head down Central or you’ll miss it, tucked away in a little strip mall.

If you go there on a Friday or Saturday night, be prepared for a short wait, but the food and the drinks are definitely worth it. As you enter, there’s a small bar to the left and the dining room is on the right.

On my first trip, I ordered the nachos. A line cook at a Mexican restaurant I worked at in high school once told me that he judged a cook’s talent by his nachos. If the chips were burned on the outside and the cheese wasn’t melted, the nachos were a failure.

He also told me that anyone using the pre-liquified nacho cheese was a fool. I disagreed with that premise, but I understood what he meant. This is one of the reasons why I order nachos whenever I go to a new Mexican restaurant. Also because nachos are awesome. Just thinking about them makes me hungry.

I got the Nacho Supreme for $7.99 with beans. It comes with lettuce, guacamole and sour cream.  Instead of cheddar, they used queso fresco, which was a little suspicious to me at first, but it worked out very well. With queso fresco, the nachos had a lighter taste than they would have with cheddar, which means it was okay that I ate the entire plate.

Nachos are perfect paired with margaritas, and because the margaritas I make at home are either too tart or have too much tequila, I ended up ordering two, you know, to see if they were consistent. They were. Since it was a Friday, the margaritas were only $5 each.


My second go-round, I decided to class it up a bit and order a premium margarita with Jose Cuervo 1800 for $9.75. It was smooth and tasty, but I can’t say that it was that much better than the house margarita.



Three Amigos: 2917 A Central Ave.