UltraDog is the dog-running company that will wear out your crazy energetic pup

Have you ever wished your dog walker would spend more time with your dog? Have you wished all the energy could be walked out of your dog so they aren’t crazy when you get home? Meet UltraDog.

UltraDog is a dog-running company owned by Stephanie Moore, a marathoner and ultra-runner, who also has extensive experience with dogs. Moore has worked as a groomer for the past seven years and also volunteers with Greater Charlotte SPCA.


Moore brought her idea to life because, as both a dog owner and a professional in the pet industry, she felt many dogs would benefit from exercise that walking doesn’t always provide. (She does also offer pet sitting and dog walking for those who have older dogs, or perhaps a lower energy breed.)

This isn’t just another walk in the park. Moore, the sole employee at UltraDog, will build each dog’s activity level up to whatever works best for that dog – understanding that all dogs are different. Every session begins with a warm up walk, progresses to a jog or run, and finishes with a cool down on the way home.


She also plans to work with dogs on exhibiting the appropriate behaviors while out in public.

UltraDog could be right for:

– Overweight dogs

– Aggressive breeds that may be ill-suited for dog daycare or a romp at the dog park

– Dogs with behavior issues that may just need an outlet, one that challenges them both mentally and physically

– Owners on the go who genuinely just don’t have time to get their dogs out as often as they would like.

The service will be offered in Plaza Midwood, NoDa, Chantilly, uptown, South End and Merry Oaks at first. Moore will use a GPS running watch and can provide detailed data to dog owners such as route, pace and how long she spent with their dog.


The company officially launches in June. Appointments can be booked on the website and once you’ve submitted your email address, you’ll be added to a portal where you can then request future appointments online.

Photos: Stephanie Moore