Small business: Arm-knitting behind Knotted’s success

Sarah Doedtman is a 37-year-old mom, wife and entrepreneur. She manages her business, Knotted, while being a stay-at-home mom to her 3- and 6-year-old boys. Doedtman makes arm-knitted scarves, hats and blankets.

Doedtman learned to arm-knit, a process that does not involve any tools, when she received a crocheting kit from her family. She went online to brush up on her skills and found information about arm-knitting. She learned to use her arms and fingers to knit by watching YouTube videos.

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“I sold my first scarf in November 2014,” she said.

Knotted items may be found online or at Orange Olive Hair Gallery, TUFT, Salon V Spa, Evolution Salon and Day Spa, and Unwind Tea & Coffee. Doedtman also takes custom orders.

Products and prices:

Hats: $15-25

Fringe summer scarves: 2 for $18

Winter Scarves: $13

Blankets: $95

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Doedtman has knitted angel bonnets for preterm babies for the hospital. In May, she donated a portion of her sales to the Richard Sheltra Foundation. Sheltra was the firefighter who lost his life in April.

Doedtman talked with CharlotteFive for the Small Business Series:

(1) How do you generate new ideas?

“I figure out what I want to make and then I do research. For instance, next summer I am going to be making maxi-skirts. I figured out my design by going on Pinterest and Google.”

(2) What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage the fear?

“Not being successful enough is my biggest fear. The way I manage it is through positive thinking and looking at the positive outcome, no matter.”

(3) Who has been your greatest inspiration?

“God. Honestly. I look to him for answers and I know he will guide me in the right place. My family has given me the positive support I need when I get discouraged.”

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(4) In one word, characterize your life as an entrepreneur.


(5) If you were conducting this interview, what question would you ask?

“I would want to know the person’s background – personal and business. How do they manage their time? Especially if they are a parent. I would ask them who they go to for support.”

Family history and my own fascination with people and their motivations prompted me to begin this series about Charlotte’s small business owners. Industry, situation and questions will vary. Have a suggestion for a small business owner or entrepreneur to interview? Email it to with the subject line “Small Business Series.”

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