Salsarita’s at Latta Arcade has closed. 6 uptown taco lunch alternatives

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Once a week (sometimes twice) for the past six years, a coworker and I walked to the Salsarita’s at Latta Arcade for lunch and ordered the same thing — Two taco combos, soft.

It got to the point where the workers knew us, even started making our orders as soon as we walked through the door. It was a good relationship, one built on consistency, trust and tacos. And now it’s over.

Salsarita’s has permanently closed its Latta Arcade location, Katherine Peralta reported yesterday, immediately bringing me down with a severe case of the Mondays.


Why? What will replace it? It’s unclear, Peralta writes. The Charlotte-based chain’s CEO didn’t shed a whole lot of light on the matter.

“Salsarita’s at Overstreet Mall serves our entire Uptown Charlotte customer base exceptionally well, allowing us to close the second location in that area in order to research additional locations in Charlotte, our hometown market,” Phil Friedman said.

So what now? How do we fill this tortilla chip-shaped void in our lives?

Here are some uptown lunch taco alternatives:

(1) Salsarita’s in Overstreet Mall

101 S. Tryon St.

OK, yeah, there’s another Salsarita’s in uptown. But it won’t be the same. I’ll have to spend another six years getting to know a new staff and what if they don’t know me as well as the other staff did?

Change is hard. But tacos are delicious.


(2) Vida Vida

210 E. Trade St.

The taco bar version of Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina is right at the front of the EpiCentre and offers your standard chicken, beef and carnitas tacos alongside less-traditional offerings like the Philly Cheesesteak tacos and Mexican Tots.

(3) Tru Taco

200 S. College St. 

I haven’t had a chance to make it to this “Chino/Mexicano” taco shop that opened earlier this year in Overstreet Mall, but based on the menu online it offers build-your-own tacos, quesadillas, burrito bowls and more.

(4) SoCal Taco Stand

312 S. Tryon St. 

I have been meaning to swing by this place for weeks now. The menu seems super simple — 8″ tacos with chicken, beef or carnitas, topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato salsa and sour cream — and I’m even more intrigued after reading this Yelp review: “(Randy, the owner) warned me that one taco was a nice snack and two would be pushing and 3 would knock me out. I should have listened but I’ll suffer happily with a full belly of yummy tacos.”

(5) Qdoba

127 N. Tryon St.

The Qdoba in Chapel Hill stayed open late when I was in school at UNC and I consumed some clutch 2:30 a.m. quesadillas there.

(6) Moe’s 

210 E. Trade St.


Bonus: It’s not tacos, but if you’re looking for a solid lunch burrito search out Johnny Burrito, hidden bellow the Two Wells Fargo Atrium (301 S. Tryon St.).

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