Local Prism Supply Co. competes in Born-Free Motorcycle Show

Brothers Jake Hindes, 27, and Zach Hindes, 29, own Prism Motorcycle Supply Co. The brothers are in California this weekend for the Born-Free Motorcycle Show, the biggest chopper and vintage motorcycle show in the world. It has been a dream for Jake and Zach to be invited to build a motorcycle for the show, an honor bestowed upon just 25 builders.


“I kind of always thought it was all politics,” Jake said. “Even the [Prism Supply Co.] team joked that maybe one day we will know the right people, but we didn’t know anybody.” 

Then a year ago, completely out of nowhere, Mike Davis from the Born-Free Show called to ask them to be builders in the 2016 show.

“I was flipping out. I was like a little schoolgirl. I didn’t know how to talk to him,” Jake said.

Of course, they accepted the challenge.

The Prism Supply Co. crew built a motorcycle using a 1941 Harley Davidson knucklehead engine. That particular engine was only built between 1936 and 1947, which makes it rare and highly desirable. Why call it a knucklehead? The four components on the front look like knuckles.

Photo 3 Credit Rob Pryce
yia thao

Jake and Zach unveiled the bike at the Art Hole on June 10.

Photo 4 Credit Rob Pryce
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Born-Free brings in more than 20,000 spectators and many vendors from all over. It is set up in a circle with the builders showcase in the center.

“It [the builders showcase] is the heart of the show. Everyone is going to this show to see these bikes. It is truly an honor,” Jake said.

The Hindes brothers have been racing and riding dirt bikes since they were barely out of diapers.

“My Dad swears I learned how to ride a dirt bike before most kids are learning to ride a bike, at the age of three years old,” Jake said. “For Zach and I riding just comes natural for us.”

They had a dirt track in their backyard. It was part of their everyday ritual to finish their homework and then scramble to the racetrack.

Photo 5 Credit Rob Pryce
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The last four years have been a whirlwind for brothers Jake and Zach. Their reputation grew quickly when a bike they built blew up (figuratively) on social media.  They opened a website to start selling motorcycle parts and t-shirts. They built 10 bikes in those first years.

Their true business model is to design and sell high quality, well-functioning parts for motorcycles. Their focus is on parts for vintage bikes, not just Harleys.

“Our style is aesthetically clean, visually simple,” Jake said.

They build and test the prototypes at their shop in Stanley, N.C. The parts are made in North Carolina manufacturing facilities.

Now they build about two bikes a year.

“To keep your name in the game, you have to build bikes,” Jake said. 

Their bikes have been featured in Iron and Air Magazine, Show Class, Street Chopper and Cycle Source.

At Born-Free, Prism Supply Co.’s bike will be competing for first prize — $10,000 and a trip to a motorcycle show in Japan. The brothers are excited by the recognition from the Born-Free Show.

“It is a huge blessing and gives us bragging rights,” Jake said. “It is really going to help us get our name out there.”

Photos: Rob Pryce