7 things all single people need to be able to do

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Woman Attaching a Bracket to a Wall with a Screwdriver Getty Images

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Though there are a lot of perks to being single, there are certain instances when you have to rely on yourself and only yourself to handle the less-than-fun parts of being an adult.

You’re tired and don’t feel like dealing with dinner, but still need to feed yourself. Why is your car making that sound? You’re sick and need to drag yourself to Rite Aid to grab some Nyquil.

These occurrences are inconvenient, yes, but they also make you feel confident that you’re truly a self-sufficient being.

To fully achieve independent adult status, here are seven other tasks that all single people need to be able to accomplish:

(1) Deal with travel inconveniences

Cancelled flights. Missed connections. Even the best planners will experience issues from time to time. While it would be nice if you could just buy a bunch of snacks and magazines featuring Gigi Hadid’s face on the cover and let someone else figure out how to get you to your final destination, you should be able to deal with the situation without being that person in line who’s hysterical and screaming at the gate agent.

(2) Fix small things

Every single person should have a tool kit that they’re at least semi-familiar with. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should exist.

(3) Know who to call when big things break

When your AC goes out in the middle of summer you’re allowed to complain and eat a dozen popsicles as you soak in your own sweat. But before you do all that, it’s up to you to call someone to come fix it.

(4) Negotiate prices on cable

We all know that Time Warner Cable likes to get a little arbitrary with their pricing and “special rates.” Don’t be afraid to ask some questions and make sure you’re getting the best rate for your cable and Internet.

(5) Be OK speaking up when your service isn’t right

Whether there’s an issue with your meal, hotel room or a product you ordered, learning how to voice your concern in a way that’s respectful yet still effective is key.

(6) Kill bugs

Disgusting and scary, yes, but also a necessary part of being a grownup. You can’t go screaming for help each time something with wings or a lot of legs squirms its way into your house.

(7) Know how to enjoy a night alone

There’s a difference between accepting a night alone and actually enjoying it. Sometimes all of your friends are busy or traveling. What do you do with a free night? Do you sulk or do you embrace it? Try a new recipe, watch trashy television, go to bed early, or check out an event going on around town.

There are so many clichés about how you can’t be with someone else until you can fully enjoy being on your own, but it’s true. Having someone else to do things with is awesome, but you should also be able to enjoy your own company without feeling like a loser or facing FOMO.

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