How a 16-year-old plans to wakeboard across America

On July 9, Mt. Pleasant high school student Becca Stuck, 16, will set out with her parents, Robert and Barbara Stuck, for a-once-in-a-lifetime adventure. They will visit one waterway in all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska, in just 21 days.

They are working with Wake The World, a non-profit organization, and attempting to set a record with Guinness World Records.

Crazy ideas usually start with someone saying, “I want in on this.”

Last summer, Becca thought this aloud when she heard about a 50-state bucket-list challenge that her father and his co-workers had at work. Becca wanted to try it, but she raised the stakes: do something specific in every state.

She said, “It would be cool to say I have been to all 50 states, but it would be even cooler to do something in every state.”

Her father agreed that it would make the travel more purposeful.

“Wakeboarding has been a bonding thing for our family,” Becca said. “I have been around it my whole entire life.”

Becca, the youngest of four children, threw in another stipulation — do it all in one trip.

Her parents were up for the challenge and Wakeboard America 2016 was born.

Photo 2 Credit Robert Stuck

d Printers and Stephen Pierce Wakeboard School of Lake Norman. Wakeboard America 2016 has a GoFundMe page, website, Instagram and Facebook.

In March, Robert realized that they might be setting a record so they submitted an application to Guinness World Records. Their application for attempting to set the record for “fastest time to wakeboard in all 50 states” was approved. They will have to document their trip with a witness log, video and photography evidence, GPS and show other evidence of their travels.

In early June, their three-week adventure took another turn: the Stuck family was introduced to Wake the World (WTW). WTW provides water sports opportunities to abandoned, abused and neglected children, as well as for children and adults with disabilities, and wounded warriors.

Two weeks later, Becca and her father volunteered for the Badin Lake WTW event. Over four days they worked with children and adults, most most of who had never had the opportunity to wakeboard before.

“It was pretty awesome. It was their first time coming, and (the participants) weren’t scared to do it,” Becca said. “It opened my eyes to how determined they are.”


Wakeboard America Highlights

Take-a-peek at part of their timetable. The family will visit two or three states every day over 21 days for a total of 12,339 miles. Here are some of the highlights:

July 9 – Lake Norman, NC, Lake Hartwell, SC & GA, Lake Wedowee, AL

July 12 – Lake Navajo, NM & CO

July 15 – Discovery Bay, CA – invited to wakeboard with professional wakeboarders

July 16 – Koko Marina Center, HI

July 19 – Lucile Lake, AK

July 21 – Lake Merwin, WA – Wake the World event

July 25 – Smithville Lake, MO – Wake the World event

July 27 – Sanduski Bay, OH & Alleghany River, PA

July 28 – Lake Champlain, VT & NY

July 30 – Douglas Lake, TN

Update, as of July 25, 2017

Last summer, Becca Stuck wanted to wakeboard in all 50 states and set the record for the fastest time with the Guinness World Records. With the support of her parents, she set the record in 23 days, 6 hours and 5 minutes. She finished wakeboarding on Aug. 1, 2016, and recently received her award.

Stuck, 17, said, “There was so much physical and emotional effort put into this attempt. Being awarded this record was an emotional high I still have not come down from.”

Photos: Robert Stuck