Is Charlotte a good city for tech startups? Tech Talent South thinks so

Who: Betsy Idilbi wanted to learn how to code. She left her previous company and went up to Chicago for three months to participate in a coding bootcamp. There, she met Richard Simms, who is from Atlanta. In 2013, the two founded Tech Talent South, which was initially based in Atlanta and now has its headquarters in Charlotte. Idilbi and CMO Melissa Nemec joined The Good News Is … podcast this week to talk about Charlotte’s tech and startup scene, and what it’s like to be women in those fields.

(Nemec also does a “baby Panther growl” you don’t want to miss.)

What: Tech Talent South is a Charlotte-based coding bootcamp that teaches web development and other related skills at campuses in Charlotte, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Raleigh and other cities. Idilbi, who is the CEO, said it attracts three types of students:

– Startup-minded people who want to create their own product

– Someone using it as a springboard into a career in development.

– A person already in the tech world and they want to understand the technology better.

Nemec said that, based on her experience with other TTS locations, the Charlotte startup scene is really strong with “amazing entrepreneurs doing exciting things,” which makes it a perfect place for TTS. Idilbi added that you can become the big fish in a small pond here, as opposed to being lost in the sea of a place like San Francisco.

That’s what she said: “Anyone coming in thinking they’re going to be Mark Zuckerburg at the end of eight weeks, that’s not what this is. It’s getting you a foundation and then you have to be willing to kick down doors at the end.” -Idilbi

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