The best girls’ weekend finale ever [Sophia & Josh]


Casey Hendrickson Photography

met Josh at church, when he greeted me with: “The spirit of the Lord is in this place today!” I just laughed and kept walking, but he repeatedly came over to me, finally asking if he could call me. We exchanged phone numbers and chatted for about two months before he asked me out on our first date.

I got dressed up, and he surprised me by taking me to Bentley’s on 27 in Uptown, named for being on the 27th floor of the Charlotte Plaza Building. 

When we sat down, he took my hand and said, “I want you to see yourself as high up as I see you.”

We dated for two years. Then, last fall, I went to Atlanta with my best friends. They insisted we have a spa day, followed by happy hour. On the way to the restaurant, I began noticing places I’d been to with Josh, and it made me miss him. As I was reminiscing, I saw his family walking toward me.

My friends and I were by a set of fountains that splashed up for a while and then went back down. And as the water fell, I saw Josh, standing there. He got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage.

Of course, I said yes. The only thing that would make the moment more perfect, I thought, was if my family could be there, too. When the fountains began again, we spent a moment together, just the two of us. Then, as the water stopped, I saw them: my family. Josh had flown them in to celebrate with us. —As told by Sophia

Sophia & Josh will be married April 15, 2016.