Came, Loved, Stayed: Conversation with Benjamin Cuprill, marketing and sales for the Charlotte Hornets

This week’s “Came, Loved, Stayed” is here, and this time, we’re buzzing to give you the scoop.

Benjamin Cuprill, 27, moved to Charlotte last August to become a member of the marketing and sales team for the Charlotte Hornets. Originally from upstate New York, Cuprill lives in the thick of uptown Charlotte.

(1) What brought you here?

Charlotte is a great city, an up-and-coming city.…

 It just has a young vibe, a young energy to it.

It has major pro sports teams, which obviously, I work for one, and the international airport. I have a lot of family abroad so, worst-case scenario, I have to leave the country very quickly or just to visit my friends and family. It’s just very convenient.

Plus, the cost of living is a lot better for me personally than in upstate New York.

(2) What made you stay?

I see myself staying here for a long time. Charlotte has a very nice blend of everything in a metropolitan city that I look for. It has beautiful architecture with all the buildings, it has a beautiful skyline …

There’s a lot of things that you can do that are all within a walking distance to entertain yourself.

(3) What was your first impression of Charlotte?

My first impression? “Wow, they are building a lot.” They were still building the little trolley area, elongating the train system … always building the high rises, always building the apartment complexes …

Where I’m from, there’s not a lot of that.

(4) What’s your favorite aspect of Charlotte culture?

My favorite aspect is the blend of culture. Charlotte is definitely a big city of transplants. Every time I meet someone, nobody is ever originally from Charlotte, which I very much enjoy. I met a girl last night in an apartment complex — she was from Indiana; I met a dude this morning from Colorado; the person I’m meeting later on today is from Kansas; I’m from New York.

It’s pretty cool to see people from all different walks of life and all different states coming to Charlotte. I can see it as a hub for prosperity going forward.

(5) Why would you (or wouldn’t you) recommend Charlotte to friends?

I would definitely recommend Charlotte to a friend for multiple reasons:

A. There’s an international airport, so if you don’t like it you can get back home very quickly. (laughs)

B. Everything you could possibly imagine, beside the beach, is here. …

Whether you’re from the inner city or somewhere more rural, there’s always something to do.


(6) What’s next for you?

What’s up next for me is a promotion, at which point in time I’ll will be a little more happier. (laughs)

(7) Describe Charlotte in one word.


Photo courtesy of Benjamin Cuprill/Instagram.

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