Post-workout surprise: Katy & Cameron

Cameron and I had worked together for a year at Insight Global in Charlotte, when I began to consider moving to the staffing firm’s Atlanta office.

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When Cameron caught word, it didn’t sit well with him. So the following weekend, at a work conference in Atlanta, Cameron finally got the courage to approach me about how he felt. Turns out, we’d both secretly had feelings for each other. We hung out the rest of the weekend. And I eventually decided to stay in Charlotte.

In the spring of last year, Cameron and I were

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When I walked in—sweaty workout clothes and all—I knew something was going on. All of the lights were turned off and a path of candles led to the dining room. Then there was Cameron, in a circle of rose petals and candles. “Will you marry me and make me the happiest man for the rest of my life?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, YES!” I replied. The next hour was full of bouquets of roses, champagne, and

  —As told by Katy

Katy and Cameron will be married Oct. 8, 2016.