How race car driver Shannon McIntosh is growing in a growing city

This week’s “Came, Loved, Stayed,” features one tenacious lady: Shannon McIntosh. The dedicated 26-year-old race car driver has been racing since she was 5 years old. Her track-racing experiences include Quarter Midgets and (dirt) Micro/Mini Sprints as well as the ARCA Racing Series.

McIntosh moved here in March to fully immerse herself in the motorsports culture, give herself new opportunities and continue to pursue her dream profession.

In her own words:

(1) What brought you here?

The fact that Charlotte is a mecca for motorsports brought me here. It’s actually the second time I’ve lived here; I went to UNC Charlotte for a year in 2007 and 2008. So getting back into a world of all things motorsports in a growing city is what brought me here.

(2) What made you stay?

I love that the city is growing, there are a lot of young people here. There are a lot of opportunities for young adults like myself.

(3) What was your first impression of Charlotte?

My first impression was there’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of growth. It seems pretty down to earth. I really liked that. That’s been really refreshing for me.

(4) What’s your favorite aspect of Charlotte culture?

The diversity. I think there are a lot of people from all over the country here and it’s growing and thriving. I think there’s a lot of passion for the city and the fact that it’s growing.

I also really love running on the greenway. (5) Why would you (or wouldn’t you) recommend Charlotte to friends? I would recommend Charlotte to friends because the city seems to be fairly innovative. They’re building so many new things and the young people are really keeping it alive and fresh. (6) What’s next for you? I will be building my partnerships and marketing sponsorships. I will also be focusing with aligning with brands to get back on track next season.

Then I’ll hopefully be settling in and finding where within the city I’d like to become more permanent.

(7) Describe Charlotte in one word.


Photo courtesy of Shannon McIntosh.

Madysan Foltz
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