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Be willing to risk it all—regularly—and other advice from a local CEO

Photo courtesy of Nicole George
Photo courtesy of Nicole George

Nicole George knows that owning a business means more than just hitting the bottom line — it’s what you give back that matters. Founder and CEO of Premier Property Solutions, George (with her husband, Jeremy) serves the Ballantyne area both through real estate services and charitable giving.

Her passion for helping others blossomed into determination to give back to the local community. Despite their size as a small organization, George and her team contribute greatly to the Joedance Film Festival, an organization that raises awareness for pediatric cancer research at Levine Children’s Hospital. Premier Property Solutions not only hosts fundraisers, but donates money to Joedance from every house it closes on.

Courtesy of Nicole George<br>Nicole George with husband Jeremy and family

How did George get to where she is today as a local leader?

George answered five questions about her success, her charitable initiatives and her advice for getting involved in Charlotte. Answers have been edited for length, style and clarity.

(1) You’ve built a successful real estate business here in Charlotte. How did you get started?

“Helping people has always been a passion of mine. Combined with my natural abilities to multitask, project-manage and thrive under pressure, and of course, my love for real estate, I decided to start down this path.

“My degree is in business management and operations, which I specifically obtained to hone in on my skill-sets while leaving any and all options open to whatever my entrepreneurial spirit desired. Once the decision was made, the process was simple but not easy: Go to real estate school, get my license, pick a firm, get trained up and find clients.


“Starting from zero didn’t intimidate me; it fed my desire to be successful and to serve even more. The more people I was able to serve and help into homes, the more systems and processes I was able to create and implement. As the numbers continued growing, so did the need for top talent and the right culture fit in our hires, which have ultimately allowed us to grow to the size we are today.”

(2) What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs seeking to start their own businesses? 

  • Challenge yourself
  • Work to serve to the best of your ability, not for a check. The check will come after. 
  • Have a passion for what you are doing and who you are serving. 
  • Create a good culture of people around you. The culture is more important than production at times.
  • Be willing to risk it all to gain it all, regularly. 
  • There is no try, only do. Make it happen.
  • Create a clear vision and then a roadmap of how to accomplish it. Be disciplined enough to do it.

(3) You and your team are key contributors to the Joedance Film Festival. What led you to channel your passion into this organization? 

“I knew Diane and Mike from my days as the GM at Charlotte Athletic Club. When I found out what they were doing through their organization, I thought it was a great fit for me and my team to contribute exclusively to one cause so that we could make a greater impact.


“The work that Levine’s is doing in rare pediatric research is amazing, and it helps to have that connection through Diane and Mike as far as really feeling that passion and impact. When selecting an organization to put your entire company behind, it has to be incredibly neutral and non-argumentative. [Joedance] was an easy initiative to get behind, but also to encourage our patrons to rally behind as well, making the impact a community initiative, not an individual one.” 

(4) Premier Property Solutions raises an incredible amount of money despite its size. How do you balance charitable giving with business initiatives? 

“Premier Property Solutions donates a portion of its commissions from each closing. We also host quarterly fundraising dinners and Panthers tailgates to raise funds. We give without expectation, and although we do it without expecting anything in return, we believe that you get back what you put out into the universe.

“One thing people may not know is that we stay in business based on referrals. So the more we are referred, the more donations we give and therefore, the larger the impact we can make in the community at Levine Children’s Hospital.”

(5) What other ways would you recommend getting involved in the Charlotte nonprofit community? 

“I’m huge on networking and making connections. Ask your five closest friends and business connections what they do for charitable giving, or who they are connected with. If none of them spark your interest, Google ways to get involved in the community. However you conclude your selection, the biggest piece to the puzzle is making the commitment: Do it, you won’t be sorry.”